Published on 23 October 2015

Claire Chenu, teacher researcher at AgroParisTech, appointed Special Ambassador for the International Year of soils by the FAO Director General in July 2015, expressed on the issue of land with authority and conviction.

The Director-General of FAO, Mr José Graziano da Silva, appointed two scientific experts special Ambassadors for the 2015 Soil International Year (Année internationale des sols 2015). Their role is to promote better management of non-renewable resources "silent allies" of humanity. The two ambassadors are: Claire Chenu, French expert on biodiversity and soil sciences professor at AgroParisTech Institute and Assefa Mamo Tekalign, soil management expert and senior adviser to the Ethiopian government. Claire Chenu, Dufrenoy academy awards of Agriculture France in 2000, is Professor of Soil Science at AgroParisTech, studies the management of soil organic matter, soil's role in reducing gas emissions greenhouse effect Biodiversity and soil. She is vice president of the French Science Council of the natural heritage and biodiversity, and president of the Scientific Council of the program "Environmental functions and Wealth Management Sol" (GESSOL) binding law, sociology, economics, ecology science soils.