Published on 14 December 2017

How did the start-up get the idea? At first, 3 students of Université Paris-Saclay simply realized that they have worn for 20 years theirs shoes without wondering why they were identical. Why not wearing mismatched shoes? And then the startup CAVAL was born ...

Wear CAVAL to free your imagination

Have you noticed? We have two feet. However we always wear two identical shoes. Why? Just because this is a common use. The CAVAL project is born from this observation. CAVAL decided to free your imagination from automatisms by creating the first mismatched sneakers: right and left shoes does not look alike but match well together thanks to asymmetry, shape or colors tricks!

A team of young and creative people coached

Benoît Habfast, drawing lover, Simon De Swarte, music lover and Achille Gazagnes, theatre lover, launched together the CAVAL project and hired a stylist in March 2017 to help them designing the first collection. Last June they went to Portugal to find a shoes manufacturer. The three founders of CAVAL are graduates of HEC Paris, member of Université Paris-Saclay. They also are students-entrepreneurs at Université Paris-Saclay and they benefit from the PEPITE PEIPS service that supported them in everyday development of the startup.

CAVAL shoes can be found on Ulule, a crowdfunding platform

Thanks to PEPITE PEIPS support, two models of their collection is now avaible on the website Ulule. Pioneer crowdfunding platform, Ulule enables creative, innovative and community-minded projects to test their idea, build a community and make it grow.

See the CAVAL collection on Ulule


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