Published on 28 January 2019
bandeau school humanites

The School of Humanities at Université Paris-Saclay is organizing the third edition of its Masters’ Day. This day of scientific reflection is intended for students from the Design, History and Musicology section, currently enrolled in one of the eleven programs offered at the School.

The event was created to provide students a unique opportunity for scientific brainstorming in which they can present their research project to teacher-researchers involved in the School’s various programs.

The event will end with the graduation ceremony of the School of Humanities, a formal celebration honoring the 2018 graduates.

Students interested in participating in this event should send a CV and a proposal for a presentation of their research (500 words). The proposal should emphasize the implications of their research topic, their work methodology and/or the resources involved. Through their presentation, they should also be able to highlight the results obtained and those still expected at this point in the year.

Eligibility guidelines: Participants should be enrolled in the second year of a masters’ degree program at the School of Humanities or be a 2018 graduate from one of the eleven programs.

Proposal submission date: February 4, 2019.

Proposals must be sent to François Robinet (, Philippe Gumplowicz ( and Gaétan Gasnot (

The organizing committee will meet on February 8, 2019 to select the best proposals.