Published on 13 October 2017
Campus Life

The award "Design & Science Université Paris-Saclay" gathers students in design and in engineering who work in teams in the objective to develop innovative ideas around a cutting-edge scientific theme.

Launch ceremony

The launch of this award for the year 2017-2018 was held on October 12th. Discoveries, collaborations and innovation will be again at the heart of this new year. The Award is chaired by Vincent Créance, project manager for the future Université Paris-Saclay Design Center, The Design Spot, that is to be inaugurated on next 5th December. The operational part of the award is managed by Strate College, with the support of UniverSciences, Laval Virtual and InProcess.

« I am sure that gathering the words 'design' and 'sciences' represents the future of our societies, economies, I am sure that the alliance of these two words will shape our tomorrow's lives », (translated from Vincent Créance's speech).

Theme of the year: "the others". Students will meet each Thursday at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie or in the Design Spot, to visit research sites and to make presentations of their work. The result of these researchs will be presented on March 2018 at  Palais de la découverte.

The Design Center of Université Paris-Saclay

The Design Spot will soon open its doors at the heart of Université Paris-Saclay cluster. The project will be developped around 3 main missions:

  1. Integrate design in research projects of the institutions of the university so as to better connect them to uses, markets, society and economy.
  2. Increase awareness towards design for the students of Université Paris-Saclay. What is design, its worth, how to work with designers.
  3. Research on design, that is improve creative processes, better measure efficicency of design.

More information

Website of the project (in French only)

The Design Spot