Published on 5 October 2018

If you want to get in on making the car of the future, this is the master’s program for you! The program focuses on electrical components, which play an increasingly significant role in our vehicles. Whereas previously, electrical components served only auxiliary functions, they are becoming a predominant feature now that less polluting electric and hybrid cars are on the rise.

What makes the program original is its multidisciplinarity. The applications targeted are rich and complex, and involve a number of interconnected physical processes. Consequently, students will study electricity, electronics, mechanics, energy storage, thermal science, controls, etc.

The strengths of this master’s program include its partnership with leading institutions in the Paris region, in particular the IFP School (stemming from the French Petroleum Institute), and its strong industrial grounding through links with car and car parts manufacturers. The program is also very international and welcomes students of different nationalities as well as offering internships abroad.

Graduates can look directly for a job in the industry as engineers in R&D departments, or continue on to a PhD, either in collaboration with industry (CIFRE PhD) or with a more academic focus.

Master in Automotive Electrification & Propulsion (EPA)