Published on 1 February 2019
Immersion scientifique pour apprendre la physique autrement - travail de groupe

Twenty bachelor students in the science field were offered to live an original educational experience outside the classroom walls. For two days, the students had to put themselves in the shoes of engineers from the European Space Agency.

The scenario

This fictional immersion begins with a video message from the European Space Agency inviting engineers (here the students) to remotely assist a spaceship exploring a comet. They have 48 hours to succeed.

Immersion scientifique pour apprendre la physique autrement - message vidéo

Teamworking, making, measuring, creating

The students have to organize their tasks, use the few tools at their disposal in order to find a solution to assist the spaceship. The students learn how to work in a team, to experiment, to make customised objects, and finally realize that there is no 'good solution' but several possibilities that can work, up to them to be creative.



What they learned

  • Measure using a smartphone or Arduino
  • Create a prototype from nothing
  • Manage time
  • Work in team
  • Communicate.

"This is a way to focus on the most important things: learn, understand, solve. We can try and miss without worrying about the consequences, and it works"

An educational initiative

This project was designed by Julien Bobroff et Frédéric Bouquet (University Paris-Sud) and Ulysse Delabre et Philippe Barberet (University of Bordeaux). It benefited from the support of the "Innovative teachings methods" mission from Université Paris-Saclay. First tested with the students of the Institut Villebon-Charpak and Bordeaux, then with double degree students from the University Paris-Sud, the project always had a great success according to the students who took part of it.

"I just hope other students will have the opportunity to live this fabulous experience"


Immersion scientifique pour apprendre la physique autrement