Published on 22 January 2019
Egalité - Diversité - Handicap

As part of the 2019 National Day of Cordées de la Réussite, Université Paris-Saclay is hosting an event bringing together professionals and middle/high school students from priority neighborhoods.

Image: Original poster by Sceaux IUT students Nadir Ahmed-Mahmoud, Jasmine Biznar, Marie Toufflet, Cléa Courteille, Nora Haddou and Yeliz Kara.

Carried out in coordination with City Hall, Cordées de la réussite is a mentorship program aimed at helping students overcome the psychological and socioeconomic barriers preventing them from accessing higher education, and prestigious academic programs in particular.

Inspiring conferences and discussions to start considering career options and finding one’s way

During the 2019 National Day of Cordées de la Réussite, to be held on January 26, 2019, Université Paris-Saclay (which encompasses the Cordées de la Réussite programs from CentraleSupelec, UVSQ, Evry Val d’Essonne University, as well as those of HEC and Ecole Polytechnique) will welcome some 300 middle school and high school students from priority neighborhoods on the CentraleSupelec campus.

The event is intended to introduce these young people to various academic programs and professions and to give them a chance to talk to professionals with diverse backgrounds.

This joint event is organized by all the institutions within Université Paris-Saclay identified as program leaders (“têtes de cordée”).


In her opening speech, Mrs Sylvie Retailleau, President of Université Paris-Saclay, will discuss university degrees, co-op/apprenticeship programs, BTS/DUT short training programs leading to diplomas, and selective courses, as well as the French grandes écoles.


PACES medical preparatory year (to study medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, midwifery, physical therapy), journalism/communications, law, banking and finance, information/digital/new technologies, research, teaching, military/police, human and social sciences, culture and art professions, humanitarian aid

Practical Information

Time: 1:30-5:30pm

Location: CentraleSupelec Campus, Eiffel Building – 03 rue Joliot-Curie – 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Program: Please download the program for more information on all the activities offered.