Published on 30 October 2018

The MOOC Herbes Folles, designed by Université Paris-Sud and the French botanical network Tela Botanica in partnership with AgroParisTech, began on October 15. Among the 18,600 people registered for the MOOC, more than 10,000 MOOCers have already started to learn more about the most unloved and misunderstood of plants: the weed. Join the Herbes Folles community!

The MOOC Herbes Folles, led by Sophie Nadot, professor at Université Paris-Sud, is integrated into three of the university’s Bachelor’s (L3 BOE1 and L3 pro ECOPUR2) and Master’s programs (M1 BEE3).  Students take the course online for six weeks and will be assessed upon completion.

Several professionals have combined their skills and expertise to offer a free, high-quality and participatory MOOC. Six botany instructors assisted by seven experts share their knowledge of weeds as they take a “botanical walk”.

Each week, this fun interactive course invites participants to discover the secrets of weeds through videos, activities, games and discussions. The community of participants is extremely varied, from students and experienced professionals to gardeners, nature-lovers and the just plain curious.