In a radically changing international environment, Université Paris-Saclay is a French world-class research university located between Paris and Versailles, an area known for science and innovation.

Université Paris-Saclay brings together universities, "grandes écoles" and research organizations in a unique structure: members retain their own identity and resources, agree to coordinate their work, and pool certain resources in projects that are defined and implemented jointly.


Organization chart of Université Paris-Saclay


Université Paris-Saclay benefits from the support of the French government for the development of educational and commercial real estate projects, as well as transportation, accommodation, and other services for students and staff.

The Foundation for Scientific Cooperation Campus Paris-Saclay (FCS)

The Foundation brings together research institutes, higher education institutions, research centers, and competitiveness clusters, that have joined forces to form one of the first campuses with an international dimension. 

The Foundation aims to define and implement a strategy of joint scientific cooperation to develop research, education and innovation and contribute to increasing knowledge, expanding solutions to social questions, and developing a knowledge-based economy. It has the following objectives: 

  • to supervise and coordinate all activities within its domain and contribute to the establishment of the Paris-Saclay Campus; 
  • to implement strategies for joint science, research, education and innovation;
  • to attract additional resources to enhance the scientific interaction and international influence of the campus, which will help to attract excellent scientists and international students;
  • to manage responses to collective projects, particularly those related to future investments.

The Foundation was created in 2007 as the administrative and legal structure for two advanced research networks: Digiteo and Triangle de la Physique

The FCS is the legal entity responsible for the "Paris-Saclay Campus" operation, contributing towards the "Grand Paris" project of national interest. Aside from the two advanced research networks, the FCS has also been home to the Fondation mathématique Jacques Hadamard since 2010.