The region where the PSI2-programs take place, offers a wide array of possible lodging accommodation. The PSI2 administration strives to reimburse the hotel costs of the invited guests, but please consult the scientific organizer of your program to learn about the details and possibilities.

There are a few standard and decent hotels close to the venues and often also close to the RER-stations from which trains on a regular basis (every 12 minutes) will bring you to the heart of Paris (45 minutes). Please find below a selection of these hotels close to the venue. If you prefer to stay in one of these hotels (nr.1-4), the PSI2-administration could try to do the booking and paying directly for you! In this case, please contact

Of course, one could also choose to book a lodging – Airbnb permitted - within Paris. We would then recommend you to choose a location not too far from the RER-line B stations, so the daily commute will not cost too much time. When booking a lodging yourself directly, please make sure to :

Keep the maximum reimbursable amount in mind (including breakfast and daily traffic fares). Please consult your organizer.

Save the booking confirmation for reimbursement purposes.

Save the invoice for reimbursement purposes.