L'Edition of Université Paris-Saclay covers the scientific, educational and innovative news of the University three times a year - in January, May and September. Its sections Awards & Prizes, Teaching - Learning, Science Outreach, Research, Business & Innovation, Life on campus, Seen from abroad, Agenda, offer a detailed overview of the features and strengths of its members in terms of training, scientific research or innovation and take you to the heart of campus life and university's laboratories. Have a good reading !

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Couv Edition 11 VE
L'Édition #11 - September 2019

In this "chemistry special" issue: the training solutions of excellence labs for doctoral students; chemistry and theranostics; history of science and ethics in chemistry; chemistry, energy and environment, theoretical chemistry...

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L'Édition #10 - May 2019

In this issue: chemistry masters' degrees, viruses and medicine, SSH interdisciplinarity, green chemistry, nanomaterials, dietary behaviours, Neuro-PSI...

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Edition #9 VE
L'Édition #9 - January 2019

In this issue: summer schools, serious game, quantum engineering, microfluidics and medicine, photonics, nanoparticules and biomedical, environmental changes and health...

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L'Edition #8 VE
L'Édition #8 - September 2018

In this issue : professional integration of PhD students, Institut Villebon - Georges Charpak license, climate-sceptics and musicaln autonomous transport and urban mobility, multiscale simulation, artificial intelligence, gene therapy ...

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L'Edition #7 VE
L'Édition #7 - May 2018

In this issue: student mentoring, cyberphysics and 4.0 factory, astrophysics and planetary systems, FabsLabs, heritage and new technologies, climate change and extreme values, plaine des sports ...

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L'Edition #6 VE
L'Édition #6 - January 2018

In this issue : Yves Meyer, language and speech recognition, telecommunications and Li-Fi, cooking and society, TEDxSaclay, the design spot, Pascal Institute ...

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L'Edition MT180 FR
L'Édition - Special issue - MT180

In this issue: portraits of the candidates of "My thesis in 180 seconds" 2018

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L'Edition #5 EN
L'Édition #5 - September 2017

In this issue: design and physics, whistleblowers, lasers and attoseconds, high performance computing, artificial intelligence, autonomous car, ICT, learning center, walk for science ...

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L'Edition #4 EN
L'Édition #4 - May 2017

In this issue: intellectual property, management and health at work, nanotechnologies and cancer, cybersecurity, materials and irradiation, health, Curiositas festival ...

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L'Edition #3 EN
L'Édition #3 - January 2017

In this issue: master FIPDes, protein 3D structure, ice age, multiferroic, health data, energy transition ...

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L'Edition #2 EN
L'Édition #2 - September 2016

In this issue: accessibility and atypical programme, pulmonary arterial hypertension, agronomy, economy and trading, multi-scale modeling, R&D in mobility at UPSaclay, CentraleSupélec's digital pedagogy ...

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L'Edition #1 EN
L'Édition #1 - May 2016

In this issue: pedagogy and teacher-student interactions, Asia and climate change, James Webb Space Telescope, random planar graphs, chaotic behavior of infrared laser light, R&D on aerospace, security and defense at UPSaclay ...

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