Welcome to the Learning Center page of the Paris-Saclay Université. Emblematic project of the University, this building will be located in the heart of the neighborhood "Moulon" on the Saclay plateau .

The Learning Center is both a center for documentation, scientific mediation, and collaborative work. The collections belonging to CentraleSupélec, the Ecole Normale Supérieur Paris-Saclay and Université Paris-Sud (for all the teaching and research done in the plateau of Moulon) will be gathered in a documentation area with around 400 consultation spaces.

Another area of over 12,900 ft2 (1,200 m2) dedicated to project working will house around thirty group-work rooms, as well as an open space for all students, researchers and entrepreneurs from Université Paris-Saclay to work, discuss, carry out their projects, and display their experiments; the ultimate public space to host any related mediation project.

The Learning Center will also include a specific area for scientific mediation, an auditorium, a relaxation area, a cafeteria and a patio. All places where people will be able to discuss and discover the University in a welcoming and friendly environment with over available 1,000 seats.

Here you can be informed of the news of the project , its organization and its progress.