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Paris-Saclay Food and Bioproduct Engineering

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SayFood - Food and Bioproduct Engineering is a research unit newly created by INRAE and AgroParisTech. This unit, which houses 150 employees, will be located (from 2022) in the research and innovation ecosystem of the Saclay plateau (Ile de France). Sayfood's mission is to acquire new scientific knowledge and to propose new approaches in product and process engineering, applied to bioresources. Thus, the unit aims to contribute to the development of new sustainable food systems by working in interdisciplinarity on the 'design-consumption' continuum. To conduct its research, Sayfood draws on a set of disciplines covering food science, microbiology, process engineering and consumer science.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Valorizing apple by-products as emulsion stabilizers: Experimental design for modeling the structure-texture relationships Delphine Huc-Mathis, Véronique Bosc, David Blumenthal, ... 12/01/20 Journal of Food Engineering
Real time ultrasound assessment of contact progress between food gels and tongue mimicking surfaces during a compression Frédéric Restagno 12/01/20 Food Hydrocolloids
Impact of pleurotus ostreatus β-glucans on oxidative stability of active compounds encapsulated in powders during storage and in vitro digestion Christelle Turchiuli, Anaïs Lavoisier 12/01/20 Antioxidants
Combined effects of ionic strength and enzymatic pre-treatment in thermal gelation of peanut proteins extracts Véronique Bosc, Paul Menut, Marie Noëlle Maillard, ... 11/01/20 Food Research International
In situ measurements of viscoelastic properties of biomass during hydrothermal treatment to assess the kinetics of chemical alterations Patrick Perré, Julien Colin, J. Parlatore Lancha 11/01/20 Bioresource Technology
How do smoothing conditions and storage time change syneresis, rheological and microstructural properties of nonfat stirred acid milk gel? Véronique Bosc 10/01/20 International Dairy Journal
Robust Grafting of Polyionenes: New Potent and Versatile Antimicrobial Surfaces Jean Marie Herry, Marie Noëlle Bellon-Fontaine, Morgan Guilbaud, ... 10/01/20 Macromolecular Bioscience
The carnivorous yoghurts: A “serious” escape game for stirring labs Marie Debacq 10/01/20 Education for Chemical Engineers
Kinetic modelling of individual starch granules swelling François Deslandes 10/01/20 Food Structure
Optimization of flow cytometry parameters for high-throughput screening of spores of the filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei Marielle Bouix 09/10/20 Journal of Biotechnology
Influence of sensory complexity on preferences for novel gourmet dairy desserts. Does Berlyne's theory apply to desserts? Julien Delarue, David Blumenthal, Julie Palczak 09/01/20 Food Quality and Preference
Revisiting the mechanisms of oil uptake during deep-frying G. Trystram, Maxime Touffet, Olivier Vitrac 09/01/20 Food and Bioproducts Processing
Modeling in food across the scales: towards a universal mass transfer simulator of small molecules in food M. Hayert, Olivier Vitrac 09/01/20 SN Applied Sciences
Application of Pleurotus ostreatus β-glucans for oil–in–water emulsions encapsulation in powder Christelle Turchiuli 08/01/20 Food Hydrocolloids
Hydrolysis of plant proteins at the molecular and supra-molecular scales during in vitro digestion I. Souchon 08/01/20 Food Research International
Using multiple sensory profiling methods to gain insight into temporal perceptions of pea protein-based formulated foods Audrey Cosson, Saint Eve Anne, Julia Richard 08/01/20 Foods
Using digital devices to help people lose weight: a systematic review Patricia Gurviez 07/31/20 Journal of Social Marketing
Simultaneous recovery of ferulic acid and sugars from wheat bran enzymatic hydrolysate by diananofiltration Marie Laure Lameloise, Stephanie Dupoiron 07/01/20 Separation and Purification Technology
Block protocol for conventional profiling to sensory characterize plant protein isolates I. Souchon, A. Saint-Eve, Julien Delarue, ... 07/01/20 Food Quality and Preference
Rehydration of food powders: Interplay between physical properties and process conditions Marco Ramaioli 06/30/20 Powder Technology

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