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Laboratoire Aimé Cotton

Laboratory presentation

The research carried out at LAC covers a wide range of thematic fields from photonics to atomic physics, and molecular spectroscopy. The lab's 3 main services are each made up of several research team with varied interests, due to the fact that the applications range from biomedicine to photovoltaic technology.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Reflection of Rydberg antihydrogen by surfaces Daniel Comparat 16/12/2020 Physical Review A
Resonant collisional shielding of reactive molecules using electric fields G. Quéméner 11/12/2020 Science
Developments for pulsed antihydrogen production towards direct gravitational measurement on antimatter P. Cheinet, Daniel Comparat 01/11/2020 Physica Scripta
Optical Shielding of Destructive Chemical Reactions between Ultracold Ground-State NaRb Molecules Olivier Dulieu, Nadia Bouloufa-Maafa, R. Vexiau, ... 08/10/2020 Physical Review Letters
Dissociative electron attachment cross sections for ro-vibrationally excited NO molecule and N<sup>−</sup> anion formation I. F. Schneider 01/10/2020 Plasma Sources Science and Technology
Probing Low-Energy Resonances in Water-Hydrogen Inelastic Collisions Laurent Wiesenfeld 30/09/2020 Physical Review Letters
Relaxation of the Collective Magnetization of a Dense 3D Array of Interacting Dipolar S=3 Atoms S. Lepoutre 30/09/2020 Physical Review Letters
Determining a vibrational distribution with a broadband optical source A. Cournol, H. Lignier, Daniel Comparat, ... 21/09/2020 Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Superhyperfine induced photon-echo collapse of erbium in Y2Si O5 J. L. Le Gouët, B. Car 10/09/2020 Physical Review B
Direct observation of ultracold atom-ion excitation exchange Olivier Dulieu, R. Vexiau 01/09/2020 Physical Review A
Unified model of ultracold molecular collisions G. Quéméner 01/09/2020 Physical Review A
Spin Fine Structure Reveals Biexciton Geometry in an Organic Semiconductor Thierry Chanelière 28/08/2020 Physical review letters
Rotational quenching of an interstellar gas thermometer: CH<inf>3</inf>CNHe collisions Laurent Wiesenfeld, M. Ben Khalifa 21/08/2020 Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Protocol for pulsed antihydrogen production in the AEg¯IS apparatus P. Cheinet, Daniel Comparat 07/08/2020 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Rydberg-positronium velocity and self-ionization studies in a 1T magnetic field and cryogenic environment Daniel Comparat 01/07/2020 Physical Review A
Laser-Assisted Self Induced Feshbach Resonance : a new tool for controlling ultracold atomic collisions Olivier Dulieu, E. Luc-Koenig, Adrien Devolder 11/06/2020 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Modeling ultracold lithium ion-atom collision Olivier Dulieu 11/06/2020 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
A traveling wave Zeeman decelerator Nicolas Vanhaecke, J. P. Cromières 11/06/2020 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Optical shielding for ultracold <sup>39</sup>K-Cs binary collisions Olivier Dulieu, Nadia Bouloufa-Maafa, T. Xie 11/06/2020 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Formation of H<inf>3</inf><sup>-</sup> molecular ions by Three-Body Recombination Olivier Dulieu, Maurice Raoult, H. Da Silva 11/06/2020 Journal of Physics: Conference Series