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Intégrité du génome et cancers

Laboratory presentation

The Laboratory Genetic Stability and Oncogenesis works on the cellular and molecular response to DNA alteration. These alterations may be responsible for developmental abnormalities, premature aging, predisposition for the onset of cancer or cell death. The research therefore focuses on understanding the repair mechanisms of human and murine cellular DNA from biochemical, genetic, molecular and cellular analyzes. This work has already led to the creation of numerous innovations protected by 4 patents.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Redox Homeostasis in Thyroid Cancer: Implications in Na<sup>+</sup>/I<sup>−</sup> Symporter (NIS) Regulation Corinne Dupuy 06/01/22 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Expression of Constitutive Fusion of Ubiquitin to PCNA Restores the Level of Immunoglobulin A/T Mutations During Somatic Hypermutation in the Ramos Cell Line Leticia K. Lerner, Dorine Bonte, Morwenna Le Guillou, Mahwish Mian Mohammad, Zeinab Kasraian, Alain Sarasin, Emmanuelle Despras, Said Aoufouchi 04/01/22 Frontiers in Immunology
SUMO-mediated recruitment allows timely function of the Yen1 nuclease in mitotic cells Hugo Dorison, Ibtissam Talhaoui, Gerard Mazón 03/25/22 PLoS Genetics
RAD51 protects against nonconservative DNA double-strand break repair through a nonenzymatic function Ayeong So, Elodie Dardillac, Ali Muhammad, Sandrine Ragu, Eric Le Cam, Pauline Dupaigne, Bernard Lopez, Josée Guirouilh-Barbat 03/21/22 Nucleic Acids Research
Chk1 dynamics in G2 phase upon replication stress predict daughter cell outcome Vicente Lebrec, Marion Poteau, Jean Philippe Morretton, Olivier Gavet 03/14/22 Developmental Cell
Novel germline MET pathogenic variants in French patients with papillary renal cell carcinomas type I Stéphane Richard 03/01/22 Human Mutation
A new frontier in Fanconi anemia: From DNA repair to ribosome biogenesis Anna Gueiderikh, Frédérique Maczkowiak-Chartois, Filippo Rosselli 03/01/22 Blood Reviews
Comparative Analysis of Exo-and Endonuclease Activities of APE1-like Enzymes Alexander A. Ishchenko, Murat Saparbaev 03/01/22 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Dataset for dynamics and conformational changes in human NEIL2 protein analyzed by integrative structural biology approach Alexander A. Ishchenko 02/01/22 Data in Brief
Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma: An Update Corinne Dupuy 02/01/22 Cancers
Dynamics and Conformational Changes in Human NEIL2 DNA Glycosylase Analyzed by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry Alexander A. Ishchenko 01/30/22 Journal of Molecular Biology
Preimplantation genetic testing in patients with genetic susceptibility to cancer Stéphane Richard 01/01/22 Familial Cancer
Editorial: Germinal Centers in Lymphoid and Non-Lymphoid Tissues: Adaptive and Evolving Structures Said Aoufouchi 01/01/22 Frontiers in Immunology
Association of AXL and PD-L1 Expression with Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Treated with PD-1 Blockade Nathalie Chaput 12/15/21 Clinical Cancer Research
Bora phosphorylation substitutes in trans for T-loop phosphorylation in Aurora A to promote mitotic entry Marion Poteau, Olivier Gavet 12/01/21 Nature Communications
BRN2 is a non-canonical melanoma tumor-suppressor Alain Sarasin 12/01/21 Nature Communications
Clear cell and papillary renal cell carcinomas in hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma (HPRCC) syndrome: a case report Sophie Ferlicot, Stéphane Richard 12/01/21 Diagnostic Pathology
The underestimated role of the microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MiTF) in normal and pathological haematopoiesis Alessia Oppezzo, Filippo Rosselli 12/01/21 Cell and Bioscience
Involvement of PBRM1 in VHL disease‑associated clear cell renal cell carcinoma and its putative relationship with the HIF pathway Sophie Gad, Sophie Couvé, Flore Renaud, Stéphane Richard, Sophie Ferlicot 12/01/21 Oncology Letters
DNA polymerase zeta contributes to heterochromatin replication to prevent genome instability Barbara Ben Yamin, Sana Ahmed-Seghir, Emmanuelle Despras, Caroline Pouvelle, Jordane Goulas, Raphaël Corre, Quentin Delacour, Patricia L. Kannouche 11/02/21 EMBO Journal

Number of publications of the laboratory by scientific field (2016-2021)

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