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Intégrité du Génome, ARN et Cancer

Laboratory presentation

The GSC laboratory studies the genetic and genotoxic events that occur in the development of cancers. The work is shared among 8 teams working in synergy on DNA replication, its repair, recombination phenomena, RNA and miRNA regulation, oxidative stress and radiation response.
Integrated in the Orsay Research Center, the GSC benefits from an integrated imaging platform and the numerous technical platforms of the Institut Curie (SGA, experimental radiotherapy, high-throughput DNA sequencing, etc.).

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
At the crossroads of RNA biology, genome integrity and cancer Biswendu Biswas, Rady Chaaban, Shrena Chakraborty, Alexandre Devaux, Ana Luisa Dian, Anna Minello, Jenny Kaur Singh, Stéphan Vagner, Patricia Uguen, Sarah Lambert, Martin Dutertre, Aura Carreira 06/01/22 Bulletin du Cancer
Glycolysis Dependency as a Hallmark of SF3B1-Mutated Cells Sylvain Martineau, Stéphan Vagner 05/01/22 Cancers
H-ABC– and dystonia-causing TUBB4A mutations show distinct pathogenic effects Mariya Genova, A. S. Jijumon, Satish Bodakuntla, Carsten Janke 03/01/22 Science advances
Differential Effects on the Translation of Immune-Related Alternatively Polyadenylated mRNAs in Melanoma and T Cells by eIF4A Inhibition Biswendu Biswas, Mandy Cadix, Céline M. Labbé, Alina Chakraborty, Martin Dutertre, Stéphan Vagner 03/01/22 Cancers
Lysate-based pipeline to characterize microtubule-associated proteins uncovers unique microtubule behaviours A. S. Jijumon, Satish Bodakuntla, Mariya Genova, Violet Sackett, Fatlinda Maksut, Véronique Henriot, Maria M. Magiera, Carsten Janke 02/01/22 Nature Cell Biology
Mutations in the most divergent α-tubulin isotype, α8-tubulin, cause defective platelet biogenesis Satish Bodakuntla, Véronique Henriot, Carsten Janke 02/01/22 Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
APD-1/PD-L1 Proximity Assay as a Theranostic Marker for PD-1 Blockade in Patients with Metastatic Melanoma Stéphan Vagner 02/01/22 Clinical Cancer Research
A Modified Cross-Linking Analysis of cDNAs (CRAC ) Protocol for Detecting RNA-Protein Interactions and Transcription at Single-Nucleotide Resolution Drice Challal 01/01/22 Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)
The tubulin code in mammalian sperm development and function Sudarshan Gadadhar, Carsten Janke 01/01/22 Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology
Microtubule and auditory function – an underestimated connection Carsten Janke 01/01/22 Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology
Recombination-dependent replication: new perspectives from site-specific fork barriers Sarah Lambert 12/01/21 Current Opinion in Genetics and Development
SUMO-based regulation of nuclear positioning to spatially regulate homologous recombination activities at replication stress sites Kamila Schirmeisen, Sarah Lambert 12/01/21 Genes
Non-homologous end-joining at challenged replication forks: an RNA connection? Charlotte Audoynaud, Stéphan Vagner, Sarah Lambert 11/01/21 Trends in Genetics
Axl inhibition in macrophages stimulates host-versus-leukemia immunity and eradicates naïve and treatment-resistant leukemia Christine Tran Quang, Jacques Ghysdael 11/01/21 Cancer Discovery
The plasticity of mRNA translation during cancer progression and therapy resistance Lucilla Fabbri, Alina Chakraborty, Stéphan Vagner 09/01/21 Nature Reviews Cancer
Distinct roles of α- and β-tubulin polyglutamylation in controlling axonal transport and in neurodegeneration Satish Bodakuntla, Mariya Genova, Sudarshan Gadadhar, Sophie Leboucher, Carsten Janke, Maria M. Magiera 09/01/21 EMBO Journal
Missense variants of uncertain significance: a powerful genetic tool for function discovery with clinical implications Gaetana Sessa, Åsa Ehlén, Catharina von Nicolai, Aura Carreira 08/01/21 Cancers
Rrp1 translocase and ubiquitin ligase activities restrict the genome destabilising effects of Rad51 in fission yeast Karol Kramarz, Sarah Lambert 07/09/21 Nucleic Acids Research
Reciprocal Links between Pre-messenger RNA 3′-End Processing and Genome Stability Martin Dutertre, Rym Sfaxi, Stéphan Vagner 07/01/21 Trends in Biochemical Sciences
Fe-S coordination defects in the replicative DNA polymerase delta cause deleterious DNA replication in vivo and subsequent DNA damage in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Roland Chanet, Dorothée Baïlle, Meng Er Huang, Laurence Vernis 07/01/21 G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics

Number of publications of the laboratory by scientific field (2016-2021)

Every paper can be classified in one or more scientific fields. The figure below shows the lab's number of publications in each scientific field, according to the ASJC classification (Elsevier)