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Institut Lavoisier de Versailles

Laboratory presentation

The Lavoiser institute is structured in 3 research teams covering the whole chemistry related domains, from the synthesis of molecules to the material science:
- Organic synthesis
- Molecules-Matter and Materials
- Electrochemistry and physical chemistry of interfaces
A technical platform for analysis and characterization (PACA) as well as a spectroscopy center (CEFS2) are part of the institute and available for external users. ILV is a very innovative institute widely involved in several industrial and academic partnership.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Zinc(II) and copper(II) complexes constructed from new bis(1H-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxylate)-based ligands Sergiu Calancea 07/05/22 Journal of Molecular Structure
Growth of Fe-BDC Metal-Organic Frameworks onto Functionalized Si (111) Surfaces Nathalie Steunou 07/01/22 Chemistry - An Asian Journal
Supramolecular Arrangement and DFT analysis of Zinc(II) Schiff Bases: An Insight towards the Influence of Compartmental Ligands on Binding Interaction with Protein Sanchari Dasgupta 06/01/22 ChemistryOpen
Revisiting the Three Vanadium Sandwich-Type Polyoxometalates: Structures, Solution Behavior, and Redox Properties Régis Guillot 05/30/22 Inorganic Chemistry
Chiral Phosphoric Acid-Catalyzed Enantioselective Formal [4+2] Cycloaddition Between Dienecarbamates and 2-Benzothioazolimines Wei Yang Ma, Emeric Montinho-Inacio, Bogdan I. Iorga, Pascal Retailleau, Luc Neuville, Géraldine Masson 05/17/22 Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis
Fluorine and chalcogen atoms: An association of benefactors Emmanuel Magnier, Guillaume Dagousset 05/07/22 Tetrahedron
Microstructure of Methylammonium Lead iodide Perovskite Thin Films: A Comprehensive Study of the Strain and Texture Pia Dally 05/01/22 Advanced Energy Materials
Synthesis, crystal structure, tropicity and charge transport properties of diindenothienothiophene derivatives Tanguy Jousselin-Oba, Karen Wright, Jérôme Marrot, Michel Frigoli 04/29/22 Journal of Materials Chemistry C
MIL-101(Cr) MOF as an Effective Siloxane Sensor Subharanjan Biswas, Nathalie Steunou 04/20/22 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
β(L)-Bi<inf>2</inf>Mo<inf>2</inf>O<inf>9</inf>: A new, highly active and selective, mild oxidation bismuth molybdate catalyst Nathalie Guillou 04/01/22 Journal of Catalysis
Diastereoselective ring cleavage of azetidines with cyanogen bromide Melvin Raulin, Bruno Drouillat, Jérôme Marrot, François Couty, Karen Wright 03/30/22 Tetrahedron Letters
Cyclic Solid-State Multiple Phase Changes with Tuned Photoemission in a Gold Thiolate Coordination Polymer Nathalie Guillou 03/28/22 Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Chaotropic Effect as an Assembly Motif to Construct Supramolecular Cyclodextrin-Polyoxometalate-Based Frameworks Soumaya Khlifi, Jérôme Marrot, Mohamed Haouas, Clément Falaise, Emmanuel Cadot 03/16/22 Journal of the American Chemical Society
A bioinspired stimuli-responsive amino acid-based antibacterial drug delivery system in cancer therapy Subharanjan Biswas 03/11/22 New Journal of Chemistry
Improvement of the Hydrolytic Stability of the Keggin Molybdo- and Tungsto-Phosphate Anions by Cyclodextrins Sa Yao, Clément Falaise, Nathalie Leclerc, Catherine Roch-Marchal, Mohamed Haouas, Emmanuel Cadot 03/07/22 Inorganic Chemistry
A robust eco-compatible microporous iron coordination polymer for CO<inf>2</inf> capture Marvin Benzaqui, Ali Saad, Jérôme Marrot, Nathalie Steunou, Christian Serre 03/04/22 Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Local enhancement of hydrogen production by the hydrolysis of Mg<inf>17</inf>Al<inf>12</inf> with Mg “model” material Serge Al-Bacha 02/25/22 Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Ultra-clean high-mobility graphene on technologically relevant substrates Jihene Zribi, Mathieu Frégnaux, Damien Aureau 02/14/22 Nanoscale
The influence of relative humidity upon Cu(In,Ga)Se<inf>2</inf> thin-film surface chemistry: An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study Solène Béchu, Muriel Bouttemy, Arnaud Etcheberry 02/01/22 Applied Surface Science
Cracking the immune fingerprint of metal-organic frameworks Tania Hidalgo 01/28/22 Chemical Science

Number of publications of the laboratory by scientific field (2016-2021)

Every paper can be classified in one or more scientific fields. The figure below shows the lab's number of publications in each scientific field, according to the ASJC classification (Elsevier)