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Working at the interface between physics, chemistry and biology, the D'Alembert Institute aims to contribute to the understanding of fundamental cellular mechanisms and their dysfunctions by using a combination of photonic and plasmonic effects, including developments in non-linear optics, multiphoton and time-resolved fluorescence imaging and nanophotonics. D'Alembert Institute is based on an integrated collaboration scheme between four research laboratories located at ENS Paris-Saclay. They are originally devoted to fundamental and applied research, respectively in physics (LPQM for more fundamental studies and SATIE for more system oriented ones), chemistry (PPSM) and life sciences (LBPA).

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Enhancing plasmonic hot-carrier generation by strong coupling of multiple resonant modes Abdel I. El Abed 02/07/21 Nanoscale
Electrorotation of single microalgae cells during lipid accumulation for assessing cellular dielectric properties and total lipid contents Yu Sheng Lin, Sakina Bensalem, Bruno Le Pioufle 02/01/21 Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Fluorescent molecular probe based optical fiber sensor dedicated to pH measurement of concrete Ayedah Tariq, Jalal Baydoun, Charlotte Remy, Jean Pierre Lefevre, Cédric Mongin, Isabelle Leray 01/15/21 Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
Impact of pulsed electric fields and mechanical compressions on the permeability and structure of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells Bertrand Cinquin 12/01/20 Scientific Reports
Interplay between Cellular Uptake, Intracellular Localization and the Cell Death Mechanism in Triphenylamine-Mediated Photoinduced Cell Death Rahima Chennoufi, Ngoc Duong Trinh, Françoise Simon, Bertrand Cinquin, Béatrice Rambaud, Patrick Tauc, Eric Deprez 12/01/20 Scientific Reports
Glycomacrocycle-Based Azobenzene Derivatives as Chiral Dopants for Photoresponsive Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Stéphane Maisonneuve, Chaoqi Lin, Juan Xie 11/18/20 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Overview of the nucleic-acid binding properties of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein in its different maturation states Marco Pasi, Loussiné Zargarian, Anissa Belfetmi, Olivier Mauffret 10/01/20 Viruses
Palladium(ii) complexes of tetradentate donor-acceptor Schiff base ligands: Synthesis and spectral, structural, thermal and NLO properties Isabelle Ledoux-Rak 06/14/20 New Journal of Chemistry
Design of light-sensitive triggers for endothelial NO-synthase activation Nicolas Bogliotti, Juan Xie, Eric Deprez 02/01/20 Antioxidants
Human RPA activates BLM’s bidirectional DNA unwinding from a nick Xu Guang Xi 02/01/20 eLife
Novel supra-molecular arrangements with plasmonic functionalities for fipronil pesticide detection Joseph Zyss 01/01/20 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Brownian Motion and Large Electric Polarizabilities Facilitate Dielectrophoretic Capture of Sub-200 nm Gold Nanoparticles in Water Bruno Le Pioufle 12/16/19 ChemPhysChem
Variability of the HIV-1 3′ polypurine tract (3′PPT) region and implication in integrase inhibitor resistance Olivier Delelis 12/01/19 Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
The post-PAM interaction of RNA-guided spCas9 with DNA dictates its target binding and dissociation Xu Guang Xi 11/13/19 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
Synthesis and characterization of a metal-organic NLO material: Tetrakis(thiourea)cobalt chloride Boutheina Jalel, Nasreddine Ennaceur, Sirine Hawech, Rokaya Henchiri, Isabelle Ledoux-Rak 10/01/19 Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Characterization of sequentially-staged cancer cells using electrorotation Claudia I. Trainito, Olivier Français, Bruno Le Pioufle 09/01/19 PLoS ONE
Interplay between intrinsic and innate immunity during HIV infection Louis Bergantz, Frédéric Subra, Eric Deprez, Olivier Delelis, Clemence Richetta 08/01/19 Cells
Light-induced formation of NO in endothelial cells by photoactivatable NADPH analogues targeting nitric-oxide synthase Rahima Chennoufi, Aimeric Cabrié, Nhi Ha Nguyen, Nicolas Bogliotti, Françoise Simon, Bertrand Cinquin, Patrick Tauc, Juan Xie, Eric Deprez 06/01/19 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects
Optical chemosensors for metal ions in aqueous medium with polyfluorene derivatives: Sensitivity, selectivity and regeneration Robert Bernard Pansu, Isabelle Leray 05/01/19 Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
Detection of “anomalies” inside microcavities through parametric fluorescence: A formalism based on modulated commutation relations and consequences on the concept of density of states Joseph Zyss 04/01/19 Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics

Number of publications of the laboratory by scientific field (2016-2021)

Every paper can be classified in one or more scientific fields. The figure below shows the lab's number of publications in each scientific field, according to the ASJC classification (Elsevier)