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Inflammation, microbiome, immunosurveillance

Laboratory presentation

The Inflammation, Chimiokines and Immunopathology laboratory is interested in the pathophysiological mechanisms of the immune system and inflammation.Three teams are thematically sharing the work and are interested respectively in the immunological deregulation at the origin of the viral resistances , the influence of the intestinal microbiota on the liver resident macrophages, and finally the autoimmunities / immunodeficiencies. The presence of clinicians in the unit allows a translational approach research, as well as its membership in IPSIT and LabEx LERMIT leads to therapeutic innovations.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
In the quest for treating alcohol liver disease Dragos Ciocan, Anne Marie Cassard 07/01/22 EBioMedicine
Hypercholesterolemia Negatively Regulates P2X7‐Induced Cellular Function in CD4<sup>+</sup> and CD8<sup>+</sup> T‐Cell Subsets from B6 Mice Fed a High‐Fat Diet Tom Hutteau‐hamel, Amine Mellouk, Nicolas Trainel, Anne Marie Cassard, Pierre Bobé 06/01/22 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Prediagnostic alterations in circulating bile acid profiles in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma Gabriel Perlemuter, Cosmin Sebastian Voican, Dragos Ciocan 04/15/22 International Journal of Cancer
Young GI angle: Challenges and opportunities as a trainee editor: The United European Gastroenterology journal experience Dragos Ciocan 04/01/22 United European Gastroenterology Journal
First Experience With Extracorporeal Cytokine Adsorption Therapy After Lung Transplantation Marine Peyneau, Luc de Chaisemartin, Sylvie Chollet-Martin 03/21/22 Transplant International
Iatrogenic constipation in gastrointestinal surgery Cosmin Sebastian Voican, Gabriel Perlemuter 03/01/22 Journal of Visceral Surgery
Modulation of the Bile Acid Enterohepatic Cycle by Intestinal Microbiota Alleviates Alcohol Liver Disease Dragos Ciocan, Madeleine Spatz, Nicolas Trainel, Kévin Hardonnière, Cindy Hugot, Gabriel Perlemuter, Anne Marie Cassard 03/01/22 Cells
The unforeseen intracellular lifestyle of Enterococcus faecalis in hepatocytes Nicolas Trainel, Anne Marie Cassard 01/01/22 Gut Microbes
Investigation of inherited chromosomally integrated human herpesvirus-6a+ and-6b+ in a patient with ulipristal acetate-induced fulminant hepatic failure Claire Deback 01/01/22 Viruses
Specific microbiome profile in Takayasu’s arteritis and giant cell arteritis Dragos Ciocan, Gabriel Perlemuter 12/01/21 Scientific Reports
Eicosapentaenoic acid membrane incorporation stimulates ABCA1-mediated cholesterol efflux from human THP-1 macrophages Benoît Noël 11/01/21 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids
Multi-tissue characterization of GILZ expression in dendritic cell subsets at steady state and in inflammatory contexts Molène Docq, Mathias Vétillard, Carmen Gallego, Agnieszka Jaracz-Ros, Françoise Mercier-Nomé, Françoise Bachelerie, Géraldine Schlecht-Louf 11/01/21 Cells
Gut microbiota reshaped by pectin treatment improves liver steatosis in obese mice Camille Houron, Dragos Ciocan, Nicolas Trainel, Cindy Hugot, Madeleine Spatz, Gabriel Perlemuter, Anne Marie Cassard 11/01/21 Nutrients
Corrigendum: The Nrf2-Antioxidant Response Element Signaling Pathway Controls Fibrosis and Autoimmunity in Scleroderma (Frontiers in Immunology, (2018), 9, (1896), 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01896) Saadia Kerdine-Römer 07/27/21 Frontiers in Immunology
Microbiota tryptophan metabolism induces aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation and improves alcohol-induced liver injury Laura Wrzosek, Dragos Ciocan, Cindy Hugot, Madeleine Spatz, Margot Dupeux, Camille Houron, Vanessa Liévin-Le Moal, Virginie Puchois, Gladys Ferrere, Nicolas Trainel, Cosmin Sebastian Voican, Gabriel Perlemuter, Anne Marie Cassard 07/01/21 Gut
Hematologic disorder–associated Cxcr4 gain-of-function mutation leads to uncontrolled extrafollicular immune response Nagham Alouche, Julie Nguyen 06/03/21 Blood
Functional cooperation of the hedgehog and androgen signaling pathways during developmental and repairing myelination Tom Hutteau‐hamel, Amine Mellouk, Pierre Bobé 06/01/21 GLIA
Hepatotoxicity of multikinase inhibitors Camille Houron, Gabriel Perlemuter, Cosmin Sebastian Voican 06/01/21 Hepato-Gastro and Oncologie Digestive
Management of toxicities of BRAF inhibitors and MEK inhibitors in advanced melanoma Gabriel Perlemuter 05/01/21 Bulletin du Cancer
Mechanisms of human drug-induced anaphylaxis Sylvie Chollet-Martin 04/01/21 Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Number of publications of the laboratory by scientific field (2016-2021)

Every paper can be classified in one or more scientific fields. The figure below shows the lab's number of publications in each scientific field, according to the ASJC classification (Elsevier)