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Électromagnétisme et radar

The 18 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Detecting a Target with Quantum Entanglement Giacomo Sorelli 05/01/22 IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
Measurement of the amplitude and polarization of the electric field by electromagnetic infrared thermography Daniel Prost 05/01/22 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Determination of Conducted EM Emissions on DC–AC Power Converters Based on Linear Equivalent Thevenin Block Circuit Models Laurent Guibert, Jean Philippe Parmantier, Isabelle Junqua, Michael Ridel 02/01/22 IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility
Optimisation of Segregation Distances between Electric Cable Bundles Embedded in a Structure Isabelle Junqua, Solange Bertuol, Jean Philippe Parmantier 02/01/22 Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
ON THE FALSE ALARM PROBABILITY OF THE NORMALIZED MATCHED FILTER FOR OFF-GRID TARGET DETECTION P. Develter, J. P. Ovarlez 01/01/22 ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings
Long-Term Trends of P-Band Temporal Decorrelation Over a Tropical Dense Forest-Experimental Results for the BIOMASS Mission Pierre Borderies 01/01/22 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Redefining of the Radar Cross Section and the Antenna Gain to Make Them Suitable for Surface Wave Propagation Quentin Herbette, Stéphane Saillant 01/01/22 Progress In Electromagnetics Research C
INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth’s Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere Nicolas Caignard, Pierre Maso, Sébastien Ancelin 01/01/22 Remote Sensing
Time-frequency characterisation of bistatic Doppler signature of a wooded area walk at L-band Giovanni Manfredi, Israel D. Hinostroza Sáenz, Stéphane Saillant, J. P. Ovarlez, Laetitia Thirion-Lefevre 12/01/21 IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation
Modeling the Polarization Ratio in the Upper Microwave Band for Sea Clutter Analysis Floriane Madeleine Schreiber, S. Angelliaume 08/01/21 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Off-Grid Radar Target Detection with the Normalized Matched Filter: A Monopulse-Based Detection Scheme P. Develter, J. Bosse, O. Rabaste, Philippe Forster, J. P. Ovarlez 07/11/21 IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing Proceedings
Detection and imaging of magnetic field in the low frequency regime using a ferromagnetic thin film coated with a thermo-fluorescent layer Hugo Ragazzo, Daniel Prost 03/01/21 IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Non-Local Reconfigurable Sparse Metasurface: Efficient Near-Field and Far-Field Wavefront Manipulations Vladislav Popov, Fabrice Boust 02/01/21 Advanced Optical Materials
Measurements and analysis of the doppler signature of a human moving within the forest in UHF-band Giovanni Manfredi, Israel D. Hinostroza Sáenz, Stéphane Saillant, J. P. Ovarlez, Laetitia Thirion-Lefevre 02/01/21 Remote Sensing
Micro-doppler signal representation for drone classification by deep learning C. Morisseau, G. Vieillard 01/24/21 European Signal Processing Conference
GNSS positioning error forecasting in the Arctic: ROTI and Precise Point Positioning error forecasting from solar wind measurements V. Fabbro 01/01/21 Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate
Study of the dielectric gradient values of reinforced concrete sample by considering radar measurements in an inverse problem Xavier Ferrieres 01/01/21 Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering
Hybrid numerical methodology for efficient design and optimization of transmit-array antennas, X-band application Jeanne Pages-Mounic, Alessandro De Oliveira Cabral, Andre Barka 01/01/21 IEEE Access

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