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Economie Publique

Laboratory presentation

Public Economics Laboratory research focuses on public and environmental policies in the agricultural and agri-food sector and on international trade. They aim at developing analytical methods, simulation models and reflection tools that can be used by policy makers in economic policy and more broadly by all the actors in society.
The investigations carried out on two axes, the first is: public policies and evolution of land use, production and ecosystems. The aim of this work is to develop tools for analyzing the economic and environmental effects of public policies and to suggest ways of promoting pre-existing social practices insofar as they take into account natural capital and ecosystem services . The second is food security. Food hygiene focuses on the three pillars of food security: availability, market and supply stability, and food quality.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
The dynamics of deforestation and reforestation in a developing economy Julien Wolfersberger 06/11/22 Environment and Development Economics
Modeling heterogeneous technologies in the presence of sample selection: The case of dairy farms and the adoption of agri-environmental schemes in France K. Hervé Dakpo 05/01/22 Agricultural Economics
Rational destabilization in commodity markets David Batista Soares 03/01/22 Journal of Commodity Markets
Is Clean Development Always Possible? The Role of Environmental Policy in Developing Countries in the Presence of Aggregate Demand Spillovers Basak Bayramoglu 02/01/22 Environmental Modeling and Assessment
Spatial preferences for invasion management: a choice experiment on controlling Ludwigia grandiflora in a French regional park Maia David 01/01/22 Biological Invasions
Promoting crop pest control by plant diversification in agricultural landscapes: A conceptual framework for analysing feedback loops between agro-ecological and socio-economic effects Frédéric Suffert 01/01/22 Advances in Ecological Research
Trade-offs between economic, environmental and social sustainability on farms using a latent class frontier efficiency model: Evidence for Spanish crop farms K. Hervé Dakpo 01/01/22 PLoS ONE
Trade-offs between economic, environmental and social sustainability on farms using a latent class frontier efficiency model: Evidence for Spanish crop farms K. Hervé Dakpo 01/01/22 PLoS ONE
Just a little bit more legumes! Results of an online survey in Europe Stephan Marette 01/01/22 International Food and Agribusiness Management Review
Ecological and/or nutritional scores for food traffic‐lights: Results of an online survey conducted on pizza in France Stephan Marette 01/01/22 Sustainability
The micro-economic impacts of a ban on glyphosate and its replacement with mechanical weeding in French vineyards Nathalie Delame 12/01/21 Crop Protection
Ex-ante assessment of the cost-effectiveness of public policies to sequester carbon in soils Alban Thomas 12/01/21 Ecological Economics
Is information a good policy instrument to influence the energy behaviour of households? Caroline Orset 10/01/21 Energy Economics
Growth and long-run sustainability Vincent Martinet 08/01/21 Environment and Development Economics
Contrasting processing tomato cultivars unlink yield and pollen viability under heat stress Rotem Zelingher 08/01/21 AoB PLANTS
The Loop Effect: How Climate Change Impacts the Mitigation Potential of the French Forest Sector Anna Lungarska 06/18/21 Journal of Forest Economics
Cooperative Management of Ecosystem Services: Coalition Formation, Landscape Structure and Policies François Bareille 06/01/21 Environmental and Resource Economics
Comment: Performance measurement and joint production of intended and unintended outputs K. Hervé Dakpo 06/01/21 Journal of Productivity Analysis
Consumer preferences for new fermented food products that mix animal and plant protein sources Stephan Marette 06/01/21 Food Quality and Preference
Regulation and consumer interest in an antioxidant-enriched ham associated with reduced colorectal cancer risks Stephan Marette 05/01/21 Nutrients

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