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Ecologie fonctionnelle et écotoxicologie des agroécosystèmes

Laboratory presentation

The laboratory research of functional ecology and agroecosystems ecotoxicology is divided into four poles. They range from the study of plant ecophysiology, to soil science, bioclimatology and ecotoxicology. More generally, this work aims to treat in an integrated manner the functioning of agroecosystems and their relations with the environment. Agroecosystems are in fact shaped by external or internal constraints or forcings. These forcings can directly impact agroecosystems, but more often they induce technical actions carried out by the farmer (nitrogenous inputs, pesticides, organic amendments, waste products, tillage etc.) allowing mitigate or circumvent constraints to maintain production targets. The unit is based on concepts of functional ecology and ecotoxicology, taking into account the flows of matter and energy and the functions of isolated organisms or in interaction with their environment.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Daily fluctuations in leaf temperature modulate the development of a foliar pathogen I. Sache, Frédéric Suffert 07/15/22 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Field mixtures of currently used pesticides in agricultural soil pose a risk to soil invertebrates C. Bertrand 07/15/22 Environmental Pollution
Responses of soil nitrification activities to copper after a moisture stress Laura Sereni, Olivier Crouzet, Charlotte Blasi, Isabelle Lamy 07/01/22 Environmental Science and Pollution Research
A comprehensive experimental and numerical analysis of water flow and travel time in a highly heterogeneous vadose zone Yves Coquet 07/01/22 Journal of Hydrology
Mechanisms and kinetics of (de-)protection of soil organic carbon in earthworm casts in a tropical environment P. Garnier 07/01/22 Soil Biology and Biochemistry
An 18-year field experiment to assess how various types of organic waste used at European regulatory rates sustain crop yields and C, N, P, and K dynamics in a French calcareous soil Haotian Chen, F. Levavasseur, Sabine Houot 07/01/22 Soil and Tillage Research
Towards identifying industrial crop types and associated agronomies to improve biomass production from marginal lands in Europe Isabelle Lamy, Lisa Ciadamidaro, Lucas Petit-dit-Grezeriat 07/01/22 GCB Bioenergy
Effects of climate change in European croplands and grasslands: Productivity, greenhouse gas balance and soil carbon storage Marco Carozzi, Raia Silvia Massad 06/22/22 Biogeosciences
Can long-term fertilization accelerate pedogenesis? Depicting soil processes boosted by annual NPK-inputs since 1928 on bare loess Luvisol (INRAE-Versailles) Folkert van Oort, Claire Chenu, Ghislaine Delarue 06/15/22 Geoderma
Collembola dispersion, selection, and biological interactions in urban ecosystems: a review Sophie Joimel, Antonin Jules, Laure Vieublé Gonod 06/01/22 Environmental Chemistry Letters
Effects of temporal floral resource availability and non-crop habitats on broad bean pollination C. Bertrand 06/01/22 Landscape Ecology
A critical review of effect modeling for ecological risk assessment of plant protection products Laure Mamy 06/01/22 Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Fertilization effects on soil microbial composition and nutrient availability in integrated rice-livestock production systems Luiz Gustavo de O. Denardin, Abad Chabbi 06/01/22 Applied Soil Ecology
A multiresidue analytical method on air and rainwater for assessing pesticide atmospheric contamination in untreated areas Céline Décuq, Marjolaine Bourdat-Deschamps, Pierre Benoit, C. Bertrand, Rachid Benabdallah, Baptiste Esnault, Brigitte Durand, B. Loubet, Carole Bedos 06/01/22 Science of the Total Environment
Satellite Imagery to Map Topsoil Organic Carbon Content over Cultivated Areas: An Overview E. Vaudour, Diego Urbina-Salazar 06/01/22 Remote Sensing
Global modelling of soil carbonyl sulfide exchanges David Montagne 05/11/22 Biogeosciences
Lessons from a landmark 1991 article on soil structure: Distinct precedence of non-destructive assessment and benefits of fresh perspectives in soil research P. Garnier, V. Pot 05/01/22 Soil Research
Understanding the joint impacts of soil architecture and microbial dynamics on soil functions: Insights derived from microscale models V. Pot, P. Garnier, P. C. Baveye 05/01/22 European Journal of Soil Science
Global maps of soil temperature Pauline Buysse, B. Loubet 05/01/22 Global Change Biology
Potential of Ultra-High-Resolution UAV Images with Centimeter GNSS Positioning for Plant Scale Crop Monitoring Jean Marc Gilliot, Dalila Hadjar, Joël Michelin 05/01/22 Remote Sensing

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