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The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Urban resilience operationalization issues in climate risk management: A review Charlotte Heinzlef 06/01/22 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
Supporting a Resilience Observatory to Climate Risks in French Polynesia: From Valorization of Preexisting Data to Low-Cost Data Acquisition Charlotte Heinzlef 02/01/22 Water (Switzerland)
The role of commuter rail accessibility in the formation of residential land values: exploring spatial heterogeneity in peri-urban and remote areas Julie Bulteau 01/01/22 Annals of Regional Science
10 years and going strong? Coastal flood risk management in the wake of a major coastal event (the 2010 Xynthia storm, Charente Maritime, France) Estelle Rouhaud, Jean Paul Vanderlinden 01/01/22 Climate Risk Management
An Indigenous science of the climate change impacts on landscape topography in Siberia Alexandra Lavrillier, Semen Gabyshev 11/01/21 Ambio
An adaptive social-ecological system management matrix for guiding ecosystem service improvements Mateo Cordier 08/01/21 Ecosystem Services
Unequal distribution of COVID-19 overmortality: New questions, new approaches Yorghos Remvikos 06/01/21 Environnement, Risques et Sante
Modelling context-specific relationships between neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage and private car use Julie Bulteau 05/01/21 Journal of Transport Geography
Hazards, infrastructure networks and unspecific resilience Nabil Touili 05/01/21 Sustainability
Plastic pollution and economic growth: The influence of corruption and lack of education Mateo Cordier, Juan Baztan, Huijie Yan 04/01/21 Ecological Economics
Thawing permafrost in arctic coastal communities: A framework for studying risks from climate change Natalia Doloisio, Jean Paul Vanderlinden, Magali Vullierme 03/01/21 Sustainability
Encouraging carpooling for commuting in the Paris area (France): which incentives and for whom? Julie Bulteau, Souhir Abbes 01/01/21 Transportation
Volunteer beach cleanups: civic environmental stewardship combating global plastic pollution Juan Baztan 01/01/21 Sustainability Science
Income inequality and environmental quality in China: a semi-parametric analysis applied to provincial panel data Huijie Yan 01/01/21 Post-Communist Economies
Winners and losers in energy transition: Study case of wood biomass power-plants implementation in france Mateo Cordier, Thibault Lescuyer 01/01/21 Forests
The perception of permafrost thaw in the Sakha Republic (Russia): Narratives, culture and risk in the face of climate change Natalia Doloisio, Jean Paul Vanderlinden 12/01/20 Polar Science
An update on Inuit perceptions of their changing environment, Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin Island, Nunavut) Jean Paul Vanderlinden 11/02/20 Elementa
Knowledge, opinions, information Yorghos Remvikos 10/01/20 Environnement, Risques et Sante
Dealing with social and environmental inequalities of health and well-being: The importance of personal experience and of environmental and social justice Benjamin Combes, Anne Laure Legendre, Yorghos Remvikos 08/01/20 Environnement, Risques et Sante
Science and decision-making or the problem of translation Considerations for scientific ethics Yorghos Remvikos 06/01/20 Environnement, Risques et Sante

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