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Centre de Recherche en épidémiologie et Santé des populations

Laboratory presentation

The Centre de Recherche en Epidémiologie et Santé des Populations (CESP) is one of the most important French research and training centres for public health research. It has 15 research teams working on major health issues, including psychiatry, cancer, chronic diseases and primary care. His research is primarily epidemiological, with a strong integrative perspective combining the most fundamental biological aspects (genomics) with the most concrete environmental aspects (social inequalities, culture) Our work is intended to be applicable in the short to medium term, whether for prevention, care or the organization of health systems. To this end, we work closely with many social actors (NGOs, ministries and public institutions, private companies) and have an extensive network of relationships with prestigious institutes located on most continents. CESP operates under the supervision of INSERM, the University of Paris-Sud and the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin and in close partnership with the AP-HP and Gustave Roussy.

The 18 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Incident cardiovascular disease by clustering of favourable risk factors in type 1 diabetes: the EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study Beverley Balkau 07/01/22 Diabetologia
Risk perceptions and health care use in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic in adults treated for childhood cancer Charlotte Demoor-Goldschmidt, Florent De Vathaire, Vincent Souchard, Angela Jackson, Rodrigue Allodji, Nadia Haddy, Chiraz El Fayech, Brice Fresneau 07/01/22 Supportive Care in Cancer
Initial fluid resuscitation in patients with septic shock: Is fluid expansion achievement the real objective? Romain Jouffroy 07/01/22 American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Effectiveness of formal telephone advice for children younger than six years of age with fever or gastroenteritis Paul Georges Reuter 07/01/22 American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Impact of posture on capillary refilling time: Intravascular fluid also affects results Romain Jouffroy 07/01/22 American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Inhaled ciclesonide for outpatient treatment of COVID-19 in adults at risk of adverse outcomes: a randomised controlled trial (COVERAGE) O. Saint-Lary 07/01/22 Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Epigenetic changes associated with hyperglycaemia exposure in the longitudinal D.E.S.I.R. cohort Beverley Balkau 07/01/22 Diabetes and Metabolism
Digital circadian and sleep health in individual hospital shift workers: A cross sectional telemonitoring study Emilie Cordina-Duverger, Guillen Aristizabal, Pascal Guénel 07/01/22 EBioMedicine
Chronic Lithium Therapy and Urine-Concentrating Ability in Individuals With Bipolar Disorder: Association Between Daily Dose and Resistance to Vasopressin and Polyuria Lynda Cheddani 07/01/22 Kidney International Reports
Associations between plasma levels of brominated flame retardants and methylation of DNA from peripheral blood: A cross-sectional study in a cohort of French women Hanane Omichessan, Vittorio Perduca, Marina Kvaskoff, Therese Truong, Francesca Romana Mancini, Gianluca Severi 07/01/22 Environmental Research
COVID-19 Experiences and Health-Related Implications: Results From a Mixed-Method Longitudinal Study of Urban Poor Adolescents in Shanghai Caroline Moreau 07/01/22 Journal of Adolescent Health
Molecular profiling of non-small-cell lung cancer patients with or without brain metastases included in the randomized SAFIR02-LUNG trial and association with intracranial outcome Stefan Michiels, Maryam Karimi 07/01/22 Lung Cancer
Genetic clinicians' confidence in BOADICEA comprehensive breast cancer risk estimates and counselees' psychosocial outcomes: A prospective study Sylvie Dolbeault 07/01/22 Clinical Genetics
The Prognostic Role of the C-Reactive Protein and Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase in a Pediatric Series of Bone Ewing Sarcoma Rachid Abbas 07/01/22 Cancers
Echocardiographic Assessment of Left Ventricular Function 10 Years after the Ultra-Endurance Running Event Eco-Trail de Paris® 2011 Romain Jouffroy 07/01/22 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Moment estimators of relatedness from low-depth whole-genome sequencing data Hervé Perdry 06/24/22 BMC Bioinformatics
Association of Statins for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases With Hospitalization for COVID-19: A Nationwide Matched Population-Based Cohort Study Mahmoud Zureik 06/21/22 Journal of the American Heart Association
Mental Disorders Are Associated With Leukocytes Telomere Shortening Among People Who Inject Drugs L. Michel 06/17/22 Frontiers in Psychiatry

Number of publications of the laboratory by scientific field (2016-2021)

Every paper can be classified in one or more scientific fields. The figure below shows the lab's number of publications in each scientific field, according to the ASJC classification (Elsevier)