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Cellules souches hématopoïétiques et développement des hémopathies myéloïdes

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
An inherited gain-of-function risk allele in EPOR predisposes to familial JAK2<sup>V617F</sup> myeloproliferative neoplasms Graciela Rabadan Moraes, Florence Pasquier, Christophe Marzac, Carlotta Caterina Damanti, Mira El-Khoury, Hana Raslova, William Vainchenker, Caroline Marty, Christine Bellanné-Chantelot, Isabelle Plo 07/01/22 British Journal of Haematology
Cancer's second genome: Microbial cancer diagnostics and redefining clonal evolution as a multispecies process: Humans and their tumors are not aseptic, and the multispecies nature of cancer modulates clinical care and clonal evolution Lucie Laplane 05/01/22 BioEssays
Treatment of Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Adults Florence Pasquier 04/01/22 Cancers
ETV6-RUNX1 and RUNX1 directly regulate RAG1 expression: one more step in the understanding of childhood B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia leukemogenesis Hana Raslova 02/01/22 Leukemia
Lessons from mouse models of MPN Camélia Benlabiod, Tracy Dagher, Caroline Marty, Jean Luc Villeval 01/01/22 International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology
Inferring the dynamics of mutated hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells induced by IFNα in myeloproliferative neoplasms Cyril Catelain, Philippe Rameau 12/02/21 Blood
Dual role of EZH2 in megakaryocyte differentiation Stefania Mazzi, Mathieu Vieira, Mira El-Khoury, Ileana Antony-Debre, Brahim Arkoun, Francesca Basso-Valentina, Salwa BenAbdoulahab, Valérie Edmond, Philippe Rameau, Monika Wittner, Isabelle Plo, Najet Debili, Hana Raslova, William Vainchenker 10/28/21 Blood
Clonal architecture and evolutionary dynamics in acute myeloid leukemias Lucie Laplane 10/01/21 Cancers
PD-1/PD-l1 checkpoints and resveratrol: A controversial new way for a therapeutic strategy François Hermetet 09/01/21 Cancers
CALR mutant protein rescues the response of MPL p.R464G variant associated with CAMT to eltrombopag Francesca Basso-Valentina, Nathalie Balayn, Caroline Marty, William Vainchenker, Isabelle Plo, Rémi Favier, Hana Raslova 08/12/21 Blood
PPARγ agonists promote the resolution of myelofibrosis in preclinical models Valérie Edmond, Caroline Marty, Isabelle Plo, William Vainchenker, Jean Luc Villeval 06/01/21 Journal of Clinical Investigation
Hspcs display within-family homogeneity in differentiation and proliferation despite population heterogeneity Camélia Benlabiod, Caroline Marty, Isabelle Plo 05/01/21 eLife
To portray clonal evolution in blood cancer, count your stem cells Lucie Laplane 04/08/21 Blood
CCND2 mutations are infrequent events in BCR-ABL1 negative myeloproliferative neoplasm patients William Vainchenker 03/01/21 Haematologica
The role of hypoxia in glioblastoma radiotherapy resistance Agathe L. Chédeville 02/01/21 Cancers
Role of Rho-GTPases in megakaryopoiesis William Vainchenker, Brahim Arkoun, Francesca Basso-Valentina, Larissa Lordier, Najet Debili, Hana Raslova 01/01/21 Small GTPases
Induced pluripotent stem cells and hematological malignancies: A powerful tool for disease modeling and drug development Alessandro Donada, Francesca Basso-Valentina, Brahim Arkoun, Isabelle Plo, Hana Raslova 12/01/20 Stem Cell Research
Calreticulin del52 and ins5 knock-in mice recapitulate different myeloproliferative phenotypes observed in patients with MPN Camélia Benlabiod, Maira da Costa Cacemiro, Valérie Edmond, Delphine Muller, Hana Raslova, Jean Luc Villeval, William Vainchenker, Isabelle Plo, Caroline Marty 12/01/20 Nature Communications
The folate cycle enzyme MTHFR is a critical regulator of cell response to MYC-targeting therapies Ileana Antony-Debre, J. B. Micol, Camille Lobry 12/01/20 Cancer Discovery
A new efficient tool for non-invasive diagnosis of fetomaternal platelet antigen incompatibility William Vainchenker 09/01/20 British Journal of Haematology

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