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Biologie de la Reproduction, Environnement, Epigénétique, et Développement

Laboratory presentation

UMR BDR research focuses on the mechanisms of phenotype development in farmed mammals.
The objective is to study the impact during embryonic and fetal development, culture medium, maternal nutrition, environmental pollutants, and livestock systems, on growth, health and the fertility of the offspring.
This work combines observations and measurements on cells, embryos, fetuses and animals at different ages. They aim at an understanding of the mechanisms involved, by imaging or molecular (epigenetic, metabolic and transcriptomic) analyzes. Research is carried out simultaneously on several species (mouse, rabbit, ruminants) allowing a comparative physiology approach. This work also uses reproductive biotechnologies used in animal husbandry.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Dynamic CpG methylation delineates subregions within super-enhancers selectively decommissioned at the exit from naive pluripotency Luc Jouneau, A. Jouneau, Vincent Brochard 01/12/2020 Nature Communications
Investigating the role of BCAR4 in ovarian physiology and female fertility by genome editing in rabbit Nathalie Peynot, Véronique Duranthon, Laurent Boulanger, ... 01/12/2020 Scientific Reports
Midwives’ practices related to cervical cancer screening during pregnancy: A vignette-based study P. Berveiller 01/12/2020 Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
Maternal obesity and weight loss in mice: Impact on male and female offspring metabolism olfactory performance and epigenetics C. Junien, Anne Gabory, P. E. Panchenko, ... 01/12/2020 Bulletin de l'Academie Nationale de Medecine
Predicting sperm extraction in non-obstructive azoospermia patients F. Boitrelle, M. Bendayan 01/12/2020 Human Reproduction
No-contact microchip measurements of body temperature and behavioural changes prior to foaling Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 01/11/2020 Theriogenology
Preserved efficiency of sickle cell disease placentas despite altered morphology and function Anne Couturier-Tarrade 01/10/2020 Placenta
Transient changes of metabolism at the pronuclear stage in mice influences skeletal muscle phenotype in adulthood Amélie Bonnet-Garnier, Martine Letheule 01/10/2020 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Effect of environmental exposure to a maternally-learned odorant on anxiety-like behaviors at weaning in mice Christine Baly, Marie Annick Persuy, Aurélie Dewaele, ... 01/09/2020 Animal Cognition
STAG3 homozygous missense variant causes primary ovarian insufficiency and male non-obstructive azoospermia François Vialard, F. Ghieh 01/09/2020 Molecular Human Reproduction
Accelerating Onset of Puberty Through Modification of Early Life Nutrition Induces Modest but Persistent Changes in Bull Sperm DNA Methylation Profiles Post-puberty Luc Jouneau, Aurélie Chaulot-Talmon, Anne Aubert-Frambourg, ... 26/08/2020 Frontiers in Genetics
Prenatal diagnosis of 2q13 duplications: The crucial role of the family survey in genetic counseling on novel copy number variations François Vialard 01/08/2020 European Journal of Medical Genetics
COVID-19 and andrology: Recommendations of the French-speaking society of andrology (Société d'Andrologie de langue Française SALF) F. Boitrelle, M. Bendayan 13/07/2020 Basic and Clinical Andrology
Heterochromatin establishment during early mammalian development is regulated by pericentromeric RNA and characterized by non-repressive H3K9me3 Nathalie Beaujean, Vincent Brochard 01/07/2020 Nature Cell Biology
Contribution of Reproduction Management and Technologies to Genetic Progress in Horse Breeding Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 01/06/2020 Journal of Equine Veterinary Science
Differential effects of post-weaning diet and maternal obesity on mouse liver and brain metabolomes Luc Jouneau, Anne Gabory, Delphine Rousseau-Ralliard, ... 01/06/2020 Nutrients
Retinoic acid synthesis by ALDH1A proteins is dispensable for meiosis initiation in the mouse fetal ovary Eric Pailhoux, Geneviève Jolivet 01/05/2020 Science Advances
A comprehensive overview of bull sperm-borne small non-coding RNAs and their diversity across breeds Luc Jouneau, Jean Philippe Perrier, Hélène Jammes, ... 30/03/2020 Epigenetics & chromatin
Genetic merit for fertility alters the bovine uterine luminal fluid proteome Olivier Sandra, Gilles Charpigny 13/03/2020 Biology of Reproduction
No-Contact Microchip Monitoring of Body Temperature in Yearling Horses Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 01/03/2020 Journal of Equine Veterinary Science