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Biologie de la Reproduction, Environnement, Epigénétique, et Développement

Laboratory presentation

UMR BDR research focuses on the mechanisms of phenotype development in farmed mammals.
The objective is to study the impact during embryonic and fetal development, culture medium, maternal nutrition, environmental pollutants, and livestock systems, on growth, health and the fertility of the offspring.
This work combines observations and measurements on cells, embryos, fetuses and animals at different ages. They aim at an understanding of the mechanisms involved, by imaging or molecular (epigenetic, metabolic and transcriptomic) analyzes. Research is carried out simultaneously on several species (mouse, rabbit, ruminants) allowing a comparative physiology approach. This work also uses reproductive biotechnologies used in animal husbandry.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Assessment of placental perfusion using contrast-enhanced ultrasound: A longitudinal study in pregnant rabbit Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 07/15/22 Theriogenology
Neonatal cyanosis with Hb St Mandé, a low O<inf>2</inf> affinity hemoglobin variant affecting β-globin Emmanuelle Motte-Signoret 07/01/22 Pediatric Blood and Cancer
Investigation of the reliability of semi-automatic annotation by the Geri time-lapse system Jean Marc Ayoubi, Marine Poulain 07/01/22 Reproductive BioMedicine Online
Subclinical endometritis differentially affects the transcriptomic profiles of endometrial glandular, luminal, and stromal cells of postpartum dairy cows Gilles Charpigny 07/01/22 Journal of Dairy Science
Editorial: Epigenetic Variation Influences on Livestock Production and Disease Traits Hélène Kiefer 06/15/22 Frontiers in Genetics
Influence of maternal obesity on human trophoblast differentiation: The role of mitochondrial status Marta Hita Hernández, Esther Dos Santos, Yoann Rodriguez, Claire Priou, Paul Berveiller, F. Vialard, M. N. Dieudonne 06/01/22 Reproductive Biology
Whole-exome sequencing in patients with maturation arrest: A potential additional diagnostic tool for prevention of recurrent negative testicular sperm extraction outcomes F. Ghieh, N. Swierkowski-Blanchard, M. Albert, V. Serazin, M. N. Dieudonne, B. Mandon-Pepin, F. Vialard 06/01/22 Human Reproduction
Fertility preservation in borderline ovarian tumor patients and survivors Marine Poulain, Paul Pirtea, Jean Marc Ayoubi 06/01/22 Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation
Human Sperm Morphology as a Marker of Its Nuclear Quality and Epigenetic Pattern Marion Bendayan, Emine Sais, Laura Alter, Amélie Bonnet-Garnier, Florence Boitrelle 06/01/22 Cells
Challenging the Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion Procedure with Continuous Dialysis in a Pig Model Christophe Richard 05/01/22 Transplantation
Transcriptome Architecture of Osteoblastic Cells Infected With Staphylococcus aureus Reveals Strong Inflammatory Responses and Signatures of Metabolic and Epigenetic Dysregulation Hélène Jamme 04/07/22 Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology
Louis-Marie Houdebine (1942-2022) G. Jolivet 04/01/22 Transgenic Research
Estimation of milk production in suckling mares and factors influencing their milk yield Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 04/01/22 Animal
Pregnancy and placental development in horses: an update Pascale Chavatte-Palmer, Emilie Derisoud, M. Robles 04/01/22 Domestic Animal Endocrinology
Asymmetric expression of proteins in the granules of the placentomal Binucleate cells in Giraffa camelopardalis Gilles Charpigny 04/01/22 Biology of Reproduction
Transcription of rRNA in early mouse embryos promotes chromatin reorganization and expression of major satellite repeats Martine Chebrout, Maïmouna Coura Koné, Habib U. Jan, Marie Cournut, Martine Letheule, Renaud Fleurot, Tiphaine Aguirre-Lavin, Nathalie Peynot, A. Jouneau, Nathalie Beaujean, Amélie Bonnet-Garnier 03/15/22 Journal of Cell Science
Avenues of reflection for endometriosis research in France Olivier Sandra 03/01/22 Medecine/sciences
Markers of equine placental differentiation: insights from gene expression studies M. Robles, Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 03/01/22 Reproduction
Environmental constraints and pathologies that modulate equine placental genes and development M. Robles, Pascale Chavatte-Palmer 03/01/22 Reproduction
Oxidative Stress and Assisted Reproduction: A Comprehensive Review of Its Pathophysiological Role and Strategies for Optimizing Embryo Culture Environment Florence Boitrelle 03/01/22 Antioxidants

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