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Aspects métaboliques et systémiques de l'oncogénèse pour de nouvelles approches thérapeutiques

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
Pharmacokinetics of oral vinorelbine in French children with recurrent or progressive primary low-grade glioma Jacques Grill 05/01/22 British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Biosafety Capacity Building during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results, Insights, and Lessons Learned from an Online Approach in the Philippines Reynand Jay Canoy 03/01/22 Applied Biosafety
Ca<sup>2+</sup> Transportome and the Interorganelle Communication in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Hong Toan Lai, Reynand Jay Canoy, Michelangelo Campanella, Yegor S. Vassetzky, Catherine Brenner 03/01/22 Cells
Integrin αvβ3 and disulfide bonds play important roles in NGR-retargeted adenovirus transduction efficiency Betsy Jullienne, Karim Benihoud 02/15/22 Life Sciences
Tyrosine phosphatases regulate resistance to ALK inhibitors in ALK<sup>+</sup> anaplastic large cell lymphoma Birgit Geoerger 02/03/22 Blood
Identification of Small Molecules Inhibiting Cardiomyocyte Necrosis and Apoptosis by Autophagy Induction and Metabolism Reprogramming Frédéric Taran, Jean Christophe Cintrat 02/01/22 Cells
Interaction between mesenchymal stem cells and myoblasts in the context of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy contributes to the disease phenotype Anna Karpukhina, Yegor S. Vassetzky 01/01/22 Journal of Cellular Physiology
Reduced frequency of cytotoxic CD56<sup>dim</sup> CD16<sup>+</sup> NK cells leads to impaired antibody-dependent degranulation in EBV-positive classical Hodgkin lymphoma Pierre Busson 01/01/22 Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy
Impact of pharmacogenetics on variability in exposure to oral vinorelbine among pediatric patients: a model‐based population pharmacokinetic analysis Jacques Grill 01/01/22 Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology
Biological effects of ultrashort electric pulses in a neuroblastoma cell line: the energy density role Tomás Garcia-Sanchez, Adeline Muscat, Franck M. André, Lluis M. Mir 01/01/22 International Journal of Radiation Biology
Molecular Coevolution of Nuclear and Nucleolar Localization Signals inside the Basic Domain of HIV-1 Tat Yegor S. Vassetzky 01/01/22 Journal of Virology
Radiogenomics of diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPGs): correlation of histological and biological characteristics with multimodal MRI features Marie Anne Debily, David Castel, Christelle Dufour, Jacques Grill 12/01/21 European Radiology
Somatostatin receptor 2 expression in nasopharyngeal cancer is induced by Epstein Barr virus infection: impact on prognosis, imaging and therapy Pierre Busson 12/01/21 Nature Communications
Serial transplantation unmasks galectin-9 contribution to tumor immune escape in the MB49 murine model Olivia Bawa, Nicolas Signolle, M'Boyba Diop, Philippe Dessen 12/01/21 Scientific Reports
Aluminum particles generated during millisecond electric pulse application enhance adenovirus-mediated gene transfer in L929 cells Franck M. André, Thierry Ragot 12/01/21 Scientific Reports
Anticancer properties of indole derivatives as IsoCombretastatin A-4 analogues Bastien Prost 11/05/21 European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Exploring the contribution of the mitochondrial disulfide relay system to Parkinson's disease: The PINK1/CHCHD4 interplay Nazanine Modjtahedi 11/01/21 Neural Regeneration Research
Sstr2 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Relationship with latent ebv infection and potential as a therapeutic target Pierre Busson 10/01/21 Cancers
Control of DUX4 Expression in Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy and Cancer Anna Karpukhina, Eugenia Tiukacheva, Carla Dib, Yegor S. Vassetzky 06/01/21 Trends in Molecular Medicine
Harnessing subcellular-resolved organ distribution of cationic copolymer-functionalized fluorescent nanodiamonds for optimal delivery of active siRNA to a xenografted tumor in mice Sandra Claveau, Jean Rémi Bertrand 05/28/21 Nanoscale

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