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Alimentation et Sciences Sociales

Laboratory presentation

The Food and Social Sciences Laboratory studies the economics and sociology of consumption and the food industry, the behaviors and strategies of the players in the food system. The laboratory contributes to the development and evaluation of public policies on agri-food standards. It is divided into two areas of research: study of eating behaviors and industries strategies, food sociology, which deals with the analysis of the links between social morphology and food consumption patterns and the analysis of food standards. This work is part of a policy to monitor consumption trends through partnerships with major groups such as Danone and Nestlé.

The 20 latest publications

Title Authors Publication date Source
The impact of physician's characteristics on decision-making in head and neck oncology: Results of a national survey Antoine Nebout 06/01/22 Oral Oncology
Assessment of the Commitments and Performance of the European Food Industry to Improve Population Nutrition Iris Van Dam, Olivier Allais 06/01/22 International Journal of Public Health
Impact of intra-category food substitutions on the risk of type 2 diabetes: A modelling study on the pizza category Pascal Leroy, Louis Georges Soler 04/28/22 British Journal of Nutrition
Life cycle inventory and assessment data for quantifying the environmental impacts of a wide range of food products belonging to the same food category: A case study of 80 pizzas representatives of the French retail market Louis Georges Soler 04/01/22 Data in Brief
Does environmental impact vary widely within the same food category? A case study on industrial pizzas from the French retail market Louis Georges Soler 02/15/22 Journal of Cleaner Production
Review: Quality of animal-source foods P. Sans 02/01/22 Animal
Review: Quality and authentication of organic animal products in Europe P. Sans 02/01/22 Animal
Acceptability of Guadeloupean consumers to improve the nutritional quality of sugary drinks: an experimental study Mathilde Gorza 02/01/22 Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique
Key Findings of the French BioNutriNet Project on Organic Food-Based Diets: Description, Determinants, and Relationships to Health and the Environment Christine Boizot-Santai, Louis Georges Soler 01/01/22 Advances in nutrition (Bethesda, Md.)
Demographic and socio-economic shifts partly explain the Martinican nutrition transition: an analysis of 10-year health and dietary changes (2003-2013) using decomposition models Louis Georges Soler 12/23/21 Public Health Nutrition
Are drinks, fresh dairy products and biscuits really sweeter in the West Indies than in mainland France? Louis Georges Soler 12/01/21 Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique
A detailed mapping of the food industry in the European single market: similarities and differences in market structure across countries and sectors Iris Van Dam, Olivier Allais 12/01/21 International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
Trend analysis of sustainability claims: The European fisheries and aquaculture markets case Louis Georges Soler 10/01/21 Food Policy
How big is the “lemons” problem? Historical evidence from French wines Emmanuel Paroissien 09/01/21 European Economic Review
Market heterogeneity and the distributional incidence of soft-drink taxes: Evidence from France Sébastien Lecocq, Christine Boizot-Szantai 09/01/21 European Review of Agricultural Economics
Upward transition of indian entrepreneurs: From simple working to ethnic entrepreneurship. a case study in an italian region Maria Angela Perito 09/01/21 European Countryside
Vertical integration as a source of hold-up: An experiment Claire Chambolle 08/01/21 European Economic Review
Physician practice variation in head and neck cancer therapy: Results of a national survey Nebout Antoine 06/01/21 Oral Oncology
Physician practice variation in head and neck cancer therapy: Results of a national survey Nebout Antoine 06/01/21 Oral Oncology
New Product Introduction and Slotting Fees* Claire Chambolle 06/01/21 Journal of Industrial Economics

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