How are we working and how to joins us?

Université Paris-Saclay offers a wide range of courses, from bachelor's degree to doctorate, within colleges, all of a high international level, within the fields of natural, human and social sciences. That's why the Diagonale is an ideal structure to create directs links between science and society : the teachers and the researcher of the Université are working together in all our events. La Diagonale est ainsi une structure privilégiée pour nouer des liens directs entre la science et la société : des chercheurs ou enseignants chercheurs du campus sont impliqués dans chaque action.


The events organized by the Diagonale are made for the civil society. The themas are vrey broad : activites for schools, open-doors days, festivals, websites and tools to spread the scientific knowledge... Trough all its project, the Diagonale also try to create a community that can learn, teach and developp a scientist culture in the society.