Dean of the doctoral School n°567 in Plant Sciences (SdV)

Born in 1960 in Toronto, Canada, Jacqui Shykoff did her undergraduate studies at University of Toronto, Masters in Ohio (USA) and PhD at Universität Basel (Switzerland), a post-doc at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology in Wageningen and taught in the department of Experimental Ecology at the ETH-Zürich (Switzerland) before being recruited by the CNRS in 1995. She directs the Doctoral School 567 “Sciences du Végétal: du gène à l’écosystème”, since 2010. 

Jacqui Shykoff is a specialist in the evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions, interested in the evolution of parasite strategies of host exploitation. Her research aims at understanding how parasites adapt to their hosts and the conditions that favour more or less virulent parasites. She has about 90 publications and an h-index of 32.

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