The Office of International Relations of Université Paris-Saclay works for nurturing a global international academic and research network to achieve our common goals, while praising the expertise and excellence of each of Université Paris-Saclay founding member institutions.  Due to the multitude of strong and reliable relations that the university’s academic, research, and entrepreneurial entities have built up with their international partners, Université Paris-Saclay pursues its innovative strategy of developing multi- and cross-disciplinary cooperation in the fields of science, research, education, and innovation. 

Institutions located within the Saclay plateau represent over 15% of France’s overall research potential and provide education for over 65, 000 graduate and postgraduate students from France and foreign countries.  

Some of our graduate courses are delivered in English.  You will find the list of our master’s programmes taught in English, and the list of those partially taught in English on our website.

Whilst remaining a reliable academic and scientific partner for many European institutions and participating in EU most cutting-edge academic and research initiatives, Paris-Saclay strives to reinforce and expand its partnerships with non-EU institutions to conjointly tackle the world’s global challenges, and create an atmosphere conducive to fostering excellent and talented students. 

Paris-Saclay is located at the very heart of the French technological valley to the south of Paris and is home to France’s most cutting-edge businesses, industry, research labs, and academic institutions.  

If you are an international student willing to study at UPSaclay, visit our Featured Scholarship page to find out about your opportunities.   

The best international master’s students enrolled in one of the founding members can be awarded a featured master’s scholarship (more details: node/1098). 

Researchers can apply for a Jean d’Alembert Scholarship (