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The interactive student guide

How is Université Paris-Saclay organised? What courses are offered? What do I have access to? How does the university prepare me for my future? Where can I stay, play sports, eat... ?


The student guide

You will find in this section information about Université Paris-Saclay and its organisation

About Université Paris-Saclay
Key figures
Student elected representatives
Graduate network

How to enroll or apply to our courses? What is the application process?

Student and Campus Life Contribution
Student card

You will find in this section all the university's courses, undergraduate/master/PhD, as well as continuing education courses:

General introduction to the courses
Undergraduate courses
Engineering and Grandes Ecoles courses
Master's courses
Health studies
Magistères (Senior vocational diplomas)
University Diplomas
Work-study courses
Continuing Education / Accreditation of prior learning

Université Paris-Saclay supports you in your training, whether in terms of orientation and professional integration, language learning, international mobility... :

Student success and graduate outcomes
Direction and development of your research project
Student entrepreneurship
Professional integration, Partnerships and Alumni
Student jobs and Tutoring
Language learning
International mobility

Many events and activities are organised throughout the year on our campuses. You also have access to a large network of university libraries. Campus life, catering, accommodation, health,... all the useful information you need:

Arts and culture
Science and society
Student Centre
Community life
Digital services
Protective measures
Disability and studies
Grants, financial and social assistance
A committed and inclusive university
Facilities to create, innovate and learn

In this section you will find the presentation and useful contacts of the faculties, grandes écoles and associate- member universities:

Jean Monnet Faculty (Law, Economics and Management)
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Sports Science
Cachan Technical Institute (IUT)
Orsay Technical Institute (IUT)
Sceaux Technical Institute (IUT)
Polytech Paris-Saclay
École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay
Institut d’Optique Graduate School
Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Université d’Évry

Download the Student Guide

Download the interactive Student Guide



At the end of the Student Guide, you will find an index with a list of keywords for searching on a specific term

Alumni - Accomodation - Accreditation of Prior Learning

Culture - Commission of Engineering Qualifications (CVEC) - Continuing Education

Design Spot - Disability - Digital - Digital Services

Equality between men and women - EUGLOH - Engineering courses

Financial assistance - Food and Drink Outlets

G - H - I
Grants - Graduate Schools - Harassment - Health - International Relations

L - M
Languages - LAS - Libraries - Magistères - Master's

O - P - R
Orientation - PhD - Professional integration - Paris-Saclay Centre for Students - PASS - Registration

S - T
Social workers - Student associations - Sustainable development - Student Entrepreneurship - Student jobs - Social Security - Sport - Tutoring

University Undergraduate Degree in Technology (B.U.T) - University Committees - University Diploma (DU) - Undergraduate University School - Undergraduate Degrees

V - W
Work-study placement - Work placements