Institut Pascal Program 'INVACOST' 2020 - postponed to 2021

Scientific Committee:

• Franck Courchamp

• Christophe Diagne

• Liliana Ballesteros

• Camille Bernery

IPa Program Manager: Sabrina Soccard



The Invasion Biology AXA Research Fund and Institut Pascal of the University Paris-Saclay will host the second InvaCost Workshop for two weeks from the 2nd to the 13th of November 2020, in Orsay, France.

Similar to the first InvaCost Workshop of November 2019, we will focus on analysing the impact of biological invasions. During that first edition, 47 participants representing 27 countries and several disciplines (from ecology to economics, with a large array of taxa and ecosystems represented) worked together on several dozen projects. Information about the first workshop can be found here: The work will again be part of the AlienScenario ( ) project by Biodiversa.

While the first workshop was entirely dedicated to economic cost analyses from our large database of economic costs of biological invasions worldwide, we will this time work on the relationships between these economic costs and the ecological impact of invasions. The workshop will be focused on the following objectives: (1) link the known ecological impacts of some IAS to their known economic costs, (2) assess the strength of the relationship between the known ecological impact and the estimated economic cost from the extrapolation/estimation models devised following the first workshop (3) use these relationships to infer ecological impacts for IAS for which we only have data on economic costs and not on ecological impact, (4) infer economic costs of species for which we already know the ecological impact and not the economic costs, (5) attempt to provide models to assess both ecological impacts and economic costs for some future invasions for the cases for which we have enough good data and (6) try and link these impact and cost metrics with other work (such as the SEICAT qualitative framework or the InvasiBES Biodiversa project), so as to provide a semi-quantitative (or an index) metrics for both aspects of the effects of biological invasions.

The focus of the workshop will be further refined as the date approaches and we are open to suggestions to best prepare these two weeks of work.

For this second edition, we have invited a core group from the first workshop as well as some key newcomers who are experts in ecological impacts of IAS or in environmental economics of biological invasions. As for the first edition, we are focusing on Early Career Researchers, with an attention to gender and geographic balances as well as interdisciplinary representation.

The idea of the workshop format is to cover all financial costs of the workshop for all invited participants, and to focus entirely on these projects over the two weeks, while proposing a strong social component during the evenings and the weekends. Institut Pascal will provide a 70 seat amphitheatre, meeting rooms and personal offices for all participants during the two weeks, coffee breaks, meals, accommodation and registration will be fully covered and organised beforehand for the participants.

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