Student entrepreneurship, one of the major development areas at Université Paris-Saclay

Stimulating entrepreneurship among students, encouraging transition from idea to business, helping budding entrepreneurs, all the university partners are committed to the dissemination of this culture of innovation with programs that value and leverage this mindset.

Young people who want to create need strong signals, training and a support structure. To build a business is to be creative but also to take risks. The ability to be comfortable with innovation requires the teaching of know-how and behaviors that are central to the student entrepreneurship programs being implemented by Université Paris-Saclay together with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Raising awareness, training, facilitating, these key elements define a program that is both theoretical and practical, punctuated by thematic meetings.

For each of the 10,000 students taking part, the PEIPS experience will provide them with context to their projects to facilitate their implementation and also help with their career entry and development. Some of these young graduates will join one of the incubators in the Paris-Saclay ecosystem and become entrepreneurs. All will acquire organizational, project management, management and communication skills.

Through this program, Université Paris-Saclay and all its partners gives students every chance to succeed.