HEC et l'école 42 créent le programme d’Entrepreneuriat Digital Paris-Saclay, avec la participation de l’Université Paris-Saclay et de Creative Valley.

HEC and the information-technology school 42 created a startup launchpad program, with the participation of Université Paris-Saclay and Creative Valley.

Dedicated to UPSaclay’s engineering students or young graduates, this program aims at getting a startup started in only 9 weeks, from concept and design to strategy to investors. Second european business school, according to Financial Times (December 2014), HEC brings management expertise to the table. 42 is well-known for its unique “peer to peer teaching” and “learning by doing” methods.

The first batch of this “Digital Entrepreneur track” started its school year on February, 2nd 2016 with a word from its sponsor, Xavier Niel, co-founder of 42. More than 120 students from Université Paris-Saclay members were selected. Experts and coaches helped students polish their digital project and make it real, to convince a professional jury. Then they pitched their startup to investors and business accelerators. The best ones even presented their project in London.

More than ten startups got ready to launch by the end of the program, dealing with video games, a music and dance studio, connected pens for online penspinning contests or energy savings, etc.