From the Galactic disk to Proto-planetary disks: The ECOGAL project

From 01/02/2021 to 26/02/2021


Scientific Organisers:

Patrick Hennebelle (AIM),

Ralf Klessen (Heidelberg University),

Leonardo Testi (ESO),

and Sergio Molinari (INAF

Institut Pascal Program Manager: Francesca Sconfienza

Contact information:



The ECOGAL project is a synergy ERC that was submitted in 2019 and has been improved. It entails the collaboration of the four PI's, Patrick Hennebelle, Ralf Klessen, Sergio Molinari and Leonardo Testi. The main goal is to build a consistent multi-scale model of the interstellar matter starting from the Milky Way as a whole up to the very last step of planet formation, which is the establishment of star-disk systems.The duration of the project is 6 years. About 20 peoples should be hired. We expect the meeting to take place a few months later, i.e. fall 2020, or winter 2021.We plan to meet regularly for long period of time during the 6 years and particularly at the beginning of the project to set the intense level of collaboration that is needed.


Goal and structure of the workshop

The Synergy ERC are based on the very tight interactions between four groups that have highly complementary expertises. This requires much more than the usual level of discussion through emails or conference. A proper collaboration scheme including the four teams must be designed. The Pascal Institute offers exactly the environment that is needed to accomplish this. The space is ideally organised with large number of offices, meeting rooms as well as pleasant common space. Typically, in the morning short talks will be given to introduce various subjects and to introduce discussions on the relevant topics. The afternoon will be dedicated to collaborative work in small teams.


Attendees and dates of workshop 

The participants will be all scientists involved in ECOGAL, the PIs, their colleagues and all the postdocs and students hired by or simply related to ECOGAL. We will also invite colleagues such as the advisory board (see below) and all experts with whom we collaborate on topics related to ECOGAL. Why the exact number is presently not known since it will depend on the hiring procedure, we foresee that a core of 20-30 people should stay the whole 4 weeks and 10-20 will attend for one to two weeks

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