Lettres et Langues

Learning outcome targets

This degree course brings together a total of three degree and research courses which are taught in two universities under the umbrella of UPS: the LEA Trilingual Transmedia Master’s (UEVE) and its two courses, Foreign and Regional Languages, Literature and Culture course (UVSQ) with two disciplinary courses, Research Professions from English-speaking countries and Research Professions from Spanish-speaking countries, and the Literature, Arts, Texts and Speeches course on the current Culture and Communication degree (UVSQ).
The combination of the three existing degrees and courses makes sense because of the twofold link between European and international cultural studies (Literature and civilizations of the French, English and Spanish speaking worlds) and studies of the intermediality and structuring of narratives (study of texts, visual and new media), which are areas and themes which are common to each of the existing disciplinary fields and courses. As a result, these three courses all fall within the scientific field of study of the tangible and intangible heritage of French, English and Spanish-speaking worlds.
A degree award from Saclay is requested comprising the submission of an honours degree in Literature and Languages.
The requested Saclay degree will lead to a reorganisation of what already exists into three courses entitled Narration, Translation and New Media (ex-TTM), Cultural Studies of the Anglophone and Hispanic
Worlds (ex-LLCER) and Research and Literary Creation (ex-LATD).

Transfer paths

Pour RCL, NTNM et ECAAH : Certification en LV1 et/ou LV2 et/ou LV3
Pour RCL, et ECMAH : projet de recherche
Pour NTNM : maîtrise LV1 et LV2 (Espagnol ou allemand), compétences en traduction, être ouverts aux nouveaux médias
De plus, des séminaires et cours ont été définis comme pre-requis en M1 pour passer d'un parcours-type à un autre