Event date : from 10 February 2018 to 11 February 2018
15h30 à 03h00
SUAPS Université Paris-Sud, 225 rue André Ampère, 91440 BURES-SUR-YVETTE
Campus Life

The 9th edition of the Noctiraid will be held the second weekend of February in the heart of the Chevreuse Valley. Do not be afraid of the dark, come on the night of 10th to 11th of February 2018 for the biggest night raid event in Ile-de-France!

For the 9th consecutive year, the students of the Master 2 MELS of the University Paris-Sud organize the Noctiraid. This night raid passing through the Chevreuse Valley will take place on the night of February 10th to 11th.

Teams of three will push back their limits during the night by traveling 55km on a playground ideal for a nature raid: the Chevreuse Valley and the Paris-Saclay University campus.
Trail, bike & run, orienteering, mountain bike, all in extreme conditions, perfect for a February night. The riders will discover that acending elevation is not artificial! For beginners, the Noctisprint is a tailor-made event with 20km of trail, bike & run, orienteering and biathlon in the program.

This year, NOCTIRAID comes with a new challenge: the Challenge Université Paris-Saclay. The goal? Elect the best racer on campus! Register your team of 3 and come to run for your institution. We count on you: on line registration!

More information on the Facebook page or the website of the event.