Event date : 25 September 2018
19h30 (film commence à 20h00)
Amphithéâtre de Département de Langues, 3e étage Bâtiment Eiffel, campus CentraleSupélec
Campus Life

Keen to share knowledge and resources, we are pleased to welcome you to our new Language Centre, a fine illustration of the cooperation between the institutions that make up the University of Paris-Saclay. CentraleSupélec, ENS Paris-Saclay and the Paris Sud University are working together on this dynamic project which will allow us to optimise and develop a rich variety of innovative teaching methods and ideas.

Our Cultural Activities team is delighted to invite you to our first Movie Night, organized in partnership with the University of Paris-Saclay and the associations Rêve Ensemble and The Movie Lights Project. This cultural evening will be the first in a series of screenings of films in their original version, each followed by a lively open discussion. The theme of this first term will be ‘It’s a Weird World’ or ‘Un Monde Etrange’, exploring science-fiction and futuristic films made in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Our second term will bring you movies in other languages, including German, Portuguese and Japanese, with a new theme. Our aim is to present films that are rarely available for viewing in cinemas and which will allow you to experience them in their original versions (subtitled). Our discussions will take place in French, English and the language of the film, allowing everyone to comment and express their reactions.

For our first Movie Night on Tuesday 25th September, we are pleased to show the English-language film ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, made by Volker Schlöndorff in 1990, adapted from Margaret Atwood’s novel. This film pre-dates Bruce Miller’s American TV series, and is bound to kindle your curiosity and invite comparisons. For those who do not know the TV series or the novel, be prepared for an astonishing, disturbing and thought-provoking tale. This showing takes place in the context of the Festival VO-VF organized by the Liragif bookshop in Gif-sur-Yvette, from 5th to 7th  October.

The film will be screened on Tuesday 25th September in the Language Centre amphitheatre on the 3rd floor of Eiffel building on the CentraleSupélec campus. You will be welcome to join us from 7.30pm; the movie will begin at 8.00pm. As well as an excellent film and a lively debate, there’ll be popcorn and soft drinks!

Entry is free, but places are limited, so to avoid disappointment, we advise you to reserve your seat on via the site Reservation is essential for non-students.

To continue our film season, we invite you on Tuesday 23rd October to see two Columbian films in Spanish. We are looking forward to welcoming the actress, Nataly Rojas Conde, who played in both films, to tell us of her experience, join our discussions and answer our questions.

On Tuesday 6th November we will be featuring a Chinese-language film, followed on Tuesday 27th November, by a film in French. To celebrate the end of the year, on Tuesday 18th December, we’ll be showing five short foreign language films which were recently presented at the Comète Film Festival, the international Paris festival of short films by young producers.

Come and join us for a celebration of languages and cinema!