Event date : 20 June 2018
Salle de conférence du CNRS - 7 rue Guy Môquet - 94800 Villejuif

The two most common techniques of vibrational micro-spectroscopy are infrared (IR) and Raman. These two sophisticated tools enable to visualize the inherent vibrational spectra of biochemical constituents of a cell or a tissue. Therefore, IR and Raman microscopy provide the specific and distinct “fingerprint” spectrum of each cell and offer the powerful possibility of high contrast images without any external labeling. Recently, significant developments of these approaches provided a better access of these two techniques by the biologist community. Currently, IR and Raman microscopy are used for tissues, biopsies, animal and plant analyses in order to visualize proteins (C-H3 bonds), lipids (C-H2 bonds), water (O-H bonds), membranes, myelin, chromophores such as flavins, etc …

This conference is organized by the “Réseau d’Imagerie Cellulaire Paris-Saclay”.
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Date : June 20, 2018 -- 9h00 to 12pm
Where : Salle de conférence du CNRS - 7 rue Guy Môquet - 94800 Villejuif (site Paul Brousse)
Speakers : Christophe SANDT (Synchrotron Soleil) - Alexandre DAZZI (LCP Orsay, UPSud), Marie-Françoise DEVAUX (INRA Angers-Nantes) - Olivier PIOT (BioSpect / Univ Reims)

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