Event date : 23 September 2015
14h30 - 16h
Télécom Paristech, rue Barrault, Paris XIII
Big Data

Between IBM Watson's victory against Ken Jennings at Jeopardy, Google and Facebook's introduction of deep learning algorithms for speech and vision recognition in their consumer devices and applications, and the current hiring and buying binge around everything and everybody related to machine learning, there is an emerging feeling in the software industry that AI is finally on the brink of its big breakthrough: cognitive computing is about to change our every day lives. But the industry is facing new challenges.
Developing software relying on natural language and machine learning requires a new methodology and new ways of gathering and treating data. It is more akin to scientific research than traditional engineering. I will describe the new advances in cognitive computing, show that there is substance behind the buzz, and explain the new challenges they bring to software engineering, as well as in terms of skills.

Conference of Jerome Pesenti,Vice President, Core Technology, at IBM Watson. Télécom ParisTech
wednesday 23 september - 14h30 to 16h
Télécom ParisTech - Amphi Thévenin
46 rue Barrault , 75 013 Paris

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