Event date : 20 March 2017
dès 18h
Grand Rex à Paris
Simulation des ondes gravitationnelles générées par la collision de deux trous noirs

Thanks to the Ligo and Virgo collaborations, gravitational waves have been detected on September 2015, a century after Einstein had described them.

CNRS and Société Française de Physique, in partnership with Université Paris-Saclay, are organizing an exceptional event so as to celebrate this major discovery, on March 20th 2017, in France and Italy.

A festive evening

On March 20th 2017, at Grand Rex in Paris and in several cities, conferences, virtual visits, panel discussions, quiz, etc. will be organized.

Open to anyone

Produce or listen to a gravitational wave, write a story, create a comic strip or take a selfie near a black hole!

Registration before March, 1st.

More information

Website of the gravitational waves Night (in French)

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