Event date : 9 March 2017
PROTO204, 200 Rue André Ampère à Bures-sur-Yvette
ffiche de lévénement

Six teams of students from Université Paris-Saclay took part to the Urban Moves program. They have been coached to identify an issue linked to territory and develop a prototype to answer it. On March 9th, the partners will choose he prototypes that will be tested at Paris-Saclay.

The Urban Moves program

EPA Paris-Saclay and NOKIA launched 2 months ago a collaborative innovation program so as to develop a network of connected objects dedicated to mobility at Paris-Saclay. Six teams of students have developed a prototype based on mobility issues on the Paris-Saclay territory.

Demo and selection of prototypes on March 9th

On March 9th, the prototypes developed by the six teams will be selected to be tested.

More information

The event will be held in French. It will take place at PROTO 204, an innovative platform that is to gather students, researchers, startups, companies and Paris-Saclay institutions. (address : PROTO204, 200 Rue André Ampère, 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette).

Access is free with registration.

More information and access map