The Learning Center of the Université Paris-Saclay will be built in the heart of the area of Moulon, one of the two academic areas recently created.

 Thanks to the central location of the Learning Center, the building will be vastly accessible to all students, university researchers and lecturers and professionals in the area whose institutions or laboratories will be a two-to-ten-minute walk from the Learning Center.

Moulon; Learning Center ; Université Paris-Saclay ;


Its location allows for optimal connection with the other areas of the Université Paris-Saclay through:

- a bus line whose lane is independent and unaffected by road traffic (lines 91.06), already operating and connecting Massy Palaiseau to Saint-Quentin en Yvelines;

- bicycle paths across and through two areas of the campus, Moulon and Ecole Polytechnique, as well as the CEA and the campus of Orsay;

- the immediate proximity of the future metro station of Orsay/Gif (line 18) connecting Orly airport to the CEA Saclay in 2024 and Versailles in 2030.

Moulon; Learning Center ; Université Paris-Saclay ;

Source des images : MSTKA (Saison-Menu, architectes-urbanistes)