bandeau school eco-managment

The Economics, Social Sciences and Management School provides educational excellence in the field of humanities and social sciences: it brings together Master’s Degrees in Sociology, Economics, Management, Finance and multidisciplinary master’s on subjects such as innovation, the environment and development.

Through research education, in close association with professionals, these master’s courses are designed to equip students with conceptual and methodological tools and applied knowledge. These factors will help them to understand issues in today’s society and the economic world, in order to prepare them for an ambitious range of opportunities.

Through these master’s courses, the Economics, Social Sciences and Management School is aimed at students from diverse disciplinary and geographical backgrounds, and offers them high-level education programs that will lead to opportunities in higher education and research, in a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors: economic and social studies research managers, project managers in companies or administrations, scientific communication professionals, managers of national or territorial public services, strategy consultants, scientific development research managers, finance professionals, management controllers, accountants, etc.

Some of these master’s courses accommodate specialities open to students in continuing education and/or under apprenticeship.