Doctoral training - Université Paris-Saclay

The creation of a unique Université Paris-Saclay doctorate was one of the main commitments of our IDEX project. Our ambition is to create a doctorate degree which can be a flagship of Université Paris-Saclay and contributes as such to its international visibility. Doctoral training at Université Paris-Saclay is organized to fulfill the missions associated with the national accreditation by the ministry of higher education, and the principles for innovative doctoral training in Europe. 

The doctorate is the highest degree of the higher education.

It benefits from an international recognition, in particular with the European licence, master, doctorate (LMD) system. It is the subject of a specific and demanding national regulatory framework. Much is said in a limited number of words (L612-7):

  • "Doctoral training is a training-by-doing research and a training to research, which includes, as part of doctoral programs, individual or collective realization of original scientific work.
  • These doctoral programs are organized in close collaboration with research laboratories and research teams whose quality is recognized by a periodic national assessment.
  • They take into account the needs of the national research and innovation policy and have international exposure.
  • They consist in a professional research experience awarded, after the defense of the thesis, by the doctoral degree, and conferring the title of doctor.
  • Doctoral programs are organized by doctoral schools under conditions set by decree of the Minister of Higher Education. "

More specifically, the doctorate of Université Paris-Saclay is also :

  • An outstanding research environment research environment to develop doctoral projects: 300 research units, nearly 11,000 researchers and academics, visibility and international recognition,  at the core of the strategy of Université Paris-Saclay,
  • A doctoral degree, visible and legible, a policy for doctoral training and joint actions shared by 20 doctoral schools and 19 member institutions or partners, coordinated within a single doctoral college and enrolled in a quality assurance approach,
  • Structured doctoral programs dedicated to disciplinary or thematic challenges, to provide doctoral candidates a wide scientific culture and international opening, organized by doctoral schools
  • Cross-actions and training programs dedicated to transferable skills and career development, organized by the doctoral college.



Elections Doctorants Conseil ED SHS

Friday 19 January 2018 - Doctoral School

Consultez les résultats de l'élection !

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More than 300 PhD graduates gathered together to receive their diplomas

Friday 07 July 2017 - Doctoral School

The PhD graduation ceremony of Université Paris-Saclay was, for the second year, the occasion to share an outstanding moment between graduate...

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The 2018 PhD graduation ceremony of Université Paris-Saclay

Monday 12 February 2018 - Doctorats

Université Paris-Saclay organizes a graduation ceremony in honour of its PhDs!

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La Journée du Doctorat 2017 de l’Université Paris-Saclay

Monday 27 November 2017 - Doctorats

L’université Paris-Saclay organise la journée du Doctorat le samedi 9 décembre 2017, à l'Université Paris-Sud. Cette journée s’adresse aux...

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Lauréate Prix de la Chancellerie 2017

Thursday 09 November 2017 - Doctorats

Anne-Marie Daillant, docteur 2016 en sciences juridiques, lauréate du prix honorifique Capitant (droit civil)

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PhDTalent Career Fair 2017

Tuesday 17 October 2017 - Doctorats

Le plus grand salon européen dédié à l’emploi des Docteurs aura lieu le vendredi 20 octobre 2017 au Centquatre, Paris 19ème.

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La rentrée doctorale de l’Université Paris-Saclay

Wednesday 19 July 2017 - Doctorats

Pour l’année universitaire 2017-2018, ce sont un peu plus de 1300 nouveaux doctorants, dont 41% de femmes et 42% d’étrangers de plus de 80...

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Bilan des concours "contrats doctoraux"

Thursday 13 July 2017 - Doctorats

Pour mettre en oeuvre les principes exprimés dans la charte du doctorat, les écoles doctorales et le collège doctoral ont établi un rapport de...

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