For Supervisors Only !

You can publish one or several offers on ADUM, which will then be published online by your doctoral school and any interested students will be able to consult them at any time on the Université Paris-Saclay website.

To post an offer ► Access ADUM

Do remember to detail on the fact sheet how you would prefer to make contact with candidates (i.e. whether they should wait for you to contact them after assessment of their application on ADUM, or whether they should contact you themselves). If you would like them to contact you directly, please include your contact details in the fact sheet.

You will be informed by e-mail each time a candidate applies for one of your offers and you will be able to consult, and leave a review of their application directly online.

To obtain your user name or password, contact your doctoral school, which will first ensure that you are registered in their database.

You are strongly advised to check and update your profile in your personal area. The doctoral school uses the information you provide, so please make sure that such information is correct and up-to-date.

Contact should you require further information.