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The registration, step by step
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The timelines

The academic year begins on September 1 and ends on August 31 [service public] (refer to the section "DUREE").

The registration must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.[legifrance]

Doctoral candidates who defend their thesis between September and December of an academic year, are covered by their registration in the previous academic year and do not have to re-register.

Doctoral candidates can begin to fill in their files in ADUM from June 1 of each academic year. They can also begin to collect signatures from their supervisor and from the director of their research laboratory before September 1 if they wish.

First enrolment

The first enrolment in a doctoral programme takes place between September 1 and November 30 of each academic year. Exceptionally, the first enrolment in a doctoral programme can take place until June 1 of the current academic year.


After the first year, the re-registration takes place between September 1 and November 30 of each academic year, in all circumstances, including late registration during the fisrt academic year.

The doctoral candidates enrolled in an international joint supervision of doctoral thesis (cotutella), must be enrolled each year in the two doctoral programmes by the two partner higher education institutions. They must register at Université Paris-Saclay at the beginning of ecah academic year, even if they stay in the partner country for the coming year and even if they benefit from an exemption of the payment of the registration fees according to their international cotutella agreement.  

The doctoral candidates non-re-registered before december 31 will be considered as having dropped out their doctoral project.

The procedures

The enrolment is done online. Learn more about our information system and what for it is used. Data entered into the information system are used to prepare automatically the various pre-filled standard forms, which remain to be printed and signed.

As specified in Article 11 of the decree dated of the 25th of Mai 2016 relating to doctoral programmes, enrolment for a doctorate is validated by the head of the institution, once the application has been submitted by the doctoral school director, after a favourable recommendation from the thesis director and research unit director. Authorisation for registering for the doctorate therefore requires successive favourable recommendations on four levels.

For a re-registration, an appealing system is proposed at each decision level,  in the case of a disagreement between those involved in the PhD.


The registration, step by step


Admission : Applicants must have been admitted to enrol in a doctoral programme. The purpose of this step is to make sure that all the prerequisites, the material, financial and scientific conditions necessary to the success of the PhD project, are being met. Its outcome is an official report on the assesment of the application.Application portal


Doctoral programme enrolment : its outcome is a nomination of the applicant by the director of the doctoral school to be authorized for registering as a doctoral candidates of Université Paris-Saclay and a mutual commitment of the actors of a doctoral traning project. To enrol, applicants must go to online enrolment portal and create a personal account ADUM, if it has not been done before (eg an application).Enrolment portal 


Registration :  If the authorization for registering is issued by the head of the institution, then the administrative registration is performed by the higher education services, which collect the tuition fees, check that you have paid the contribution for the campus life (CVEC) and your social security affiliation : its outcome is the issue of the student card.PhD tuition & fees


What supporting documentation must be submitted ?



Do you need a break period ?

A break period may take place during the preparation of a doctorate at the doctoral student's initiative, in particular for the following reasons: training in a field different from that of the thesis, experience in a professional environment in France or abroad, civic service in France or abroad. The framework for the break is set by Decree n°2018-372 of may 18th, 2018 and Circular No. 2019-030 of 10 April 2019. The internal procedure for requesting a break, the application form and the model break agreement are available here.

Key dates in 2018-2019 :

For a gap period scheduled during the first semester of 2019-2020: The completed application form for a gap period must be provided to your doctoral school before Jun. 14th, 2019. The meeting of the commission is scheduled for Jun. 24th, 2019. 

For a gap period scheduled during the second semester of 2019-2020: The completed application form for a gap period must be provided to your doctoral school before nov. 2019. The meeting of the commission is scheduled for mid dec. 2019.


Certain terms of programme enrolment (contacts in each doctoral school, organization of appointments...) are specific to each doctoral school. Doctoral candidates and applicants should check the website of their doctoral school.

Similarly certain terms of the registration (opening hours and addresses of services, forms to fill ...) are specific to each institution. Doctoral candidates and applicants should check with the relevant higher education services in each institution.