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The axis

  • The council of the doctoral college devotes two of its six annual meetings to the quality process.
  • This axis organizes the management and monitoring of the implementation of doctoral site policy, as part of a process of continuous improvement of quality.
  • This activity is under the responsibility of the director of the doctoral college and is organized by the coordinator of the axis.
  • The coordinator of the axis and the director of the doctoral school are assisted by the quality steering committee, which includes a quality management consultant and a group of quality process leaders including quality managers of establishments.
  • The implementation of the quality process involves all staff members, grouped as quality monitoring committee, which implement the daily provisions to ensure the quality of doctoral training (assistants of graduate schools, library staff and higher education support services staff) 


Organization of the process of continuous improvement of quality;

  • Set up and diffusion of harmonized and transparent processes and procedures; Training and support of staff ;
  • Management and distribution of reference documentation ;
  • Implementation and monitoring missions of indicators and targets; Surveys; Organization of internal audits; ISO9001 certification
  • organisation of the meetings of the council of the doctoral college devoted to the quality process; of the meetings of the quality qteering committee and of the meetings of the quality monitoring committee;



Danielle Martin-Tournier

Coordinator of the axis "quality process"

Sylvie Pommier,

Director of the doctoral college of Université Paris Saclay,

The meetings of the axis 

Academic year 2015-2016