The Doctoral College is the coordination structure of Université Paris-Saclay in charge of organizing the doctoral policy as part of the site policy, in particular the pooling of doctoral school activities. It brings together people and resources to coordinate, to monitor and also to implement transverse actions and projects dedicated to increase the attractiveness, visibility and ambition of University Paris-Saclay's doctorate program.

The Doctoral College federates the 20 doctoral schools of Université Paris-Saclay. It defines good practices and processes and instills the 20 doctoral schools with a coordinated policy for all the doctoral programs. Specifically, it:

  • defines specifications for the selection process of doctoral candidates, based on explicit, open and transparent criteria and procedures ;
  • defines the criteria for assessing the quality of processes implemented by the doctoral schools for supervising, training and monitoring the doctoral candidates ;
  • offers a shared and multidisciplinary range of courses open to all Université Paris-Saclay doctoral candidates ;
  • provides information and specific programs pertinent to the doctoral candidates career plans;
  • establishes and implements a global communication strategy, promoting the doctorate internationally and to companies, increasing attractiveness, seeking external funding;
  • assists doctoral schools in all aspects of economic and legal monitoring (legislation and regulations, etc.);
  • provides a consolidated view of professional opportunities for graduates.